NG large town
Region Gray Vale
Corruption + 0; Crime + 0; Economy + 1; Law + 0; Lore + 1; Society + 2
Qualities Romantic, Strategic Location
Danger + 0
Government autocracy
Population 8,137 (Humans 37%, Half-elves 20%, Elves 18%, Others 25%)
Notable NPCs
Kalahar Twohands (half-elf, fighter/wizard)
Base Value 2,200 gp; Purchase Limit 10,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th

Minor Items 6d4 Medium Items 2d4 Major Items 1d4


The two-year long War of the Returned Regent freed the Vale from Rensha rule and Nanathlor was acclaimed as ruler of Loudwater. He ruled in relative peace for 52 years until malarite lycanthropes attacked the city after a blood red moon appeared in the sky over the Vale. Nanathlor himself was on his deathbed but the citizenry, led by a young man named Stedd Rein saved the town when Stedd opened his father’s stock of silvered weapons. Kalahar Twohands, Gauntlet of the western marches, replaced Nanathlor, who didn’t survive to see his city saved. Kalahar oversaw the most turbulent years in Loudwater’s history since the war. A mass migration of orcs, threats from a bandit army and their illithid allies, dragons and several attacks from the Zhentarim.

The High Lord is aided by two Gauntlets. Each Gauntlet Is given the responsibility of protecting Loudwater’s territory (known as the marches), either east or west of the city. In 1372 the Gauntlet of the eastern marches Is Harazos Thelbrimm and the Gauntlet of the western marches Is Isyan Kiy’sisnos who succeeded Kalahar Twohands when he became High Lord.

The local temple of Lathander ministers to the majority of matters of faith in the city, at least among its human population. The elven citizenry worshiped Labelas and the rest of the Seldarine at the Velti’Enorethal. As the chosen of Mielikki, the Green Regent was an important religious figure in the city, but the Regents and their Scions tended to provide practical aid, rather than acting as any kind of divine emissaries.



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