EVERESKA – Largest elven settlement in Faerûn. This is Esban’s home town.

LLORKH – Zhentarim ruled city.

LOUDWATER – Located in the Gray Vale on the Delimbiyr River. Largest human settlement in the Gray Vale.

SHINING FALLS – A small town of halflings at the base of the largest waterfall in Faerûn.

SILVERBROOK – This settlement was started by Esban Silvermoon with the help of his followers.

REITHEILLAETHOR – Wood elf settlement in the High Forest on the Heartblood River.

TALL TREES – Largest elven settlement in the High Forest.

WATERDEEP – “The City of Splendors” One of the largest and greatest human cities in all the realms. This is Saphron Rheme home town.


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