Rainana Silvermoon

Temple priestess of Sehanine Moonbow (Esban's mom)


Appearance: (CG elf female adept; Sehanine Moonbow Healer)




Rainana is the mother of Esban Silvermoon, and the wife of Edennon Silvermoon. She is a high ranking priestess in the church of Sehanine Moonbow in Evereska. She was born into a noble family, but as the third born she was not destined to take over leadership of the family estates. She entered the service of Sehanine Moonbow, and found that she loved it. Years later she fell in love with Edennon and was married. She use to tell her children stories of the past elven kingdoms, and heroes. She is the best known natural healer in Evereska.

Rainana Silvermoon

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