Midwife for the Fey'ri (Huma's guardian)


Appearance: (CN fey’ri female summoner; Midwife)




Oparal raises many of the fey’ri, and she just happened to raise Huma. The fey’ri are not known for their compassion, but Oparal was known to be kinder than most fey’ri, which is why she became a midwife. Most fey’ri are mean from birth, but she noticed a kindness in Huma as he grew that reminded her of herself. She protected him from the other children as much as she could, and helped him with his sorcerer powers as he grew into them. When the boy displayed his gift of spellfire she feared he would become nothing more than a weapon of destruction. (Oparal believes in fighting to survive, but does not support genocide against the elves that most fey’ri strive for.) She instructed him to keep this gift a secret, and decided that Huma should try to become a spy for the fey’ri. That way he would be sent away from the fey’ri camp, enabling him to keep his powers a secret.

She checks in on Huma about once a week with her crystal ball to make sure he is doing well.


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