The Ice Lich


Appearance: (NE Undead elf male druid; Druid of the Dire Woods)




Lossarwyn was searching for a plague that had no cure. Whenever he came across a disease that seemed especially virulent, he would whisk away its victim for a detailed study, research that often ended the life of the one he had ostensibly come to heal. Many diseases seemed promising, but most had the drawback of difficulty of transmission. It seemed that magical assistance was needed, which led Lossarwyn to study necromancy, thus renouncing the deepest strictures of his faith.
After many years, just when he seemed on the verge of discovery, his goal of loosing a plague upon mankind was finally uncovered by a jealous rival, and he was revealed to his fellow druids. They declared his crimes unforgivable, and they prescribed a secret death by assassination for Lossarwyn rather than allow the general public to learn of his plots. But Lossarwyn fled rather than face punishment and was pursued by three of the most powerful druids of that time. They chased him north into the frozen lands and at last cornered him in glacial cavern. A magical battle ensued, and Lossarwyn died and was frozen into the heart of the glacier, lost forever (or so it seemed). But as he breathed his last, Lossarwyn made a pact with darker forces that resulted in his being cursed with undeath. In their malice, those dark powers did nothing to free him, and so Lossarwyn remained frozen in the ice for many centuries.
Lossarwyn eventually was freed as the ice melted. He fled to the far south avoiding the old druid circle that had tried to destroy him before. He joined the Twisted Ruin, but in time they turned against him as well. Their powerful wizards trapped him in a power maze spell in the Dire Woods of the High Forest. Others may come and go as they please, but Lossarwyn is trapped in the Dire Woods. He longs to be free. Recently he has been contacted by the Eldreth Veluuthra. They are helping him find a way to escape, and he is teaching them about nature magic.


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