Laeral Silverhand

Lady Mage of Waterdeep


Appearance: (CG human female wizard; Wizard)




Like all of the Seven Sisters, Laeral was enchantingly beautiful. She was roughly six feet tall, thin and had long silver hair which she kept out of her face with a silver circlet. Large, emerald green eyes completed her gorgeous features and she was liable to blush profusely when paid an honest compliment on her appearance. She was equally comfortable wearing leathers, roughspun, the latest and most extravagant fashions or even nothing at all.

Laeral was incredibly organized – it was the only way she could manage to fit all of her activities into a single day. She was very friendly and accommodating, leading to almost everyone who met her considering her a true friend (even the stuffy/haughty nobles of Waterdeep). She was also proactive, to the extent that certain waterdhavians would stage calamitous events so that she would keep tabs on persons of interest for them without their needing to ask for her help or involve themselves directly. Having been in thrall to the Crown of Horns and forced to commit heinous acts by it, she felt that she understood the nature of evil folk better than most and often acted as a go-between in mediating disputes with rogues, undesirables and sentient monsters, especially in Skullport where she kept an alias identity in the form of Irusyl Eraneth.

She enjoyed pretending to be other people and often went to parties magically transformed as someone else where she would learn something of what it was to be that person and occasionally discover interesting information. When that wasn’t an option, she sometimes became someone else simply to enjoy a good tavern brawl. She also transformed herself into a rat on occasion to keep an eye on the sewers. Laeral was infuriated by magic-users who employed their power to deceive and exert baleful influence over others. She disliked doppelgangers and slave-owners

Laeral Silverhand

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