Jhandess Millomyr

Harper and Owner of Millomyr Harps in Waterdeep (Arson's friend)


Appearance: (CG human female bard; Business owner and music teacher)




Harpmaker and owner of Millomyr Harps [N70]) in Waterdeep. Arson only buys instruments from her, mostly because of how much Arson loves her stories and music. Arson learned to play the fiddle with Jhandess’s help. Jhandess works with Eather Heilean (leader of the Harpers of Waterdeep), but she still talks to Laeral Silverhand because she chaffs under Eather’s leadership.

Jhandess use to adventure in the East in Comyr, but stories of lost treasures of the North drew her out of that country. They raided a dungeon in the Sword Mountains, excaping with some treasure, but it cost the lives of three of her friends. She decided to settle down in Waterdeep, and start selling musical instruments. The Harpers contacted her about membership, after she prevented an attack on Mirt the Moneylender’s life. She enjoys the life of an informant for the Harpers. It gives her excitement, but also helps to keep Waterdeep safe from threats.

Jhandess Millomyr

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