Wyrm of Many Spells


Appearance: (LN dragon female; Business owner)




First mentioned in A Year of Sorcery: Wizardly Doings in the Year of the Dark Dawn (a widely-quoted chapbook by the sage Aldiber of Memnon), Jalanvaloss seems to have been the pet or servitor of Rythtalies since her birth. She might well have been reared by him from her hatching. Aldiber writes of her deep loyalty in 1104 DR (at an age when most dragons are particularly headstrong and rebellious or defiant of authority), when she braved the hostile spells of two archmages to swoop in and rescue her master from an ambush.
Rythtalies seems to have disappeared sometime in 1262 DR, though it must be emphasized that this figure is more of an estimation than any record of a specific disaster befalling the wizard. Whatever her master’s ultimate fate, Jalanvaloss acted alone from then on, soon abandoning the keep in Amn — which was often visited by greedy mages and adventurers, and well-nigh destroyed in her battles against them — for the streets of Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. Jalanvaloss is now a mature adult steel dragon of sleek appearance, whose scales flash with an almost iridescent blue sheen when she’s about to change shape into human form. She is a keen observer of people and things around her, never forgetting the smallest details, and she seems to revel in being part of as many intrigues and deceptions as possible. She is an actress of the first rank, and an adequate mimic. Over her years of residence in Waterdeep (in a succession of assumed human shapes, all female), she has become expert in recalling the genealogies, relationships, cabals, and alliances of Waterdhavians both high and low in station.
Jalanvaloss acquired the title Wyrm of Many Spells because of an epic spell-battle she once had with Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun: Discerning her true nature at an evening revel at the Brossfeather family villa, he casually tossed a wyrmbane spell her way, to drive her from the city. Jalanvaloss responded by peppering him with a barrage of spells, shifting from human to dragon form and precipitating a panic in the process that sent citizens leaping from balconies and trampling each other in gateways and on the streets of Waterdeep.
Distracted by the need to mitigate damage to the citizenry and the surrounding buildings, Khelben responded with magic designed to contain and hamper rather than to punish or destroy. Jalanvaloss took advantage of this tactic to make her escape. Thus, when the Blackstaff finally brought down a binding chain of fate spell on his opponent, seeking to both harm and capture her, it fell harmlessly through a project image spell. News of the spell-battle and the steel dragon’s escape was all over the city by the following highsun, and the Copper Tongue (a broadsheet of news sold in the streets for a single copper coin; hence, its name) coined the name of “the Wyrm of Many Spells” for “the mysterious dragon who fought the mighty Blackstaff to a standstill.” Jalanvaloss secured her fame in the lore of the city when she defiantly reappeared several nights later, flying in dragon form over Blackstaff Tower and raking it with spells (causing no damage and vanishing before the annoyed archwizard could respond or lay any sort of tracing spell on her).
Jalanvaloss is both a sponsor and an enthusiastic fan of adventurers. She spends most of her time consorting with such daring folk. Though she admires the most capable, daring, and clever of such persons, her love of watching their exploits (via scrying and arcane eye spells) doesn’t stop her from constantly manipulating them. The Wyrm of Many Spells uses adventurers to extend her own long-term goals (of which more later); to set the intrigues she loves so much into motion; for practical reasons (such as frustrating local Cult of the Dragon agents as much as possible), and for short-term entertainment.


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