Hruggagek Gruuretugek

Bugbear mercenary


Appearance: (CE bugbear male slayer; Mercenary)




Hruggagek is a mercenary that works for the highest payer. He works mostly in the Gray Vale but has taken jobs in the North, and the Western Heartlands in the past. If he goes into settlements he stays hidden knowing that goblinoids are not welcome many places. He prefers jobs that are on the more violent side, but as he says “Money talks, so I listen”.

Hruggagek killed Telwin Arrowleaf’s dad in from of Telwin years ago. Telwin wants to avenge his father, but believes that Hruggagek was working for someone else. Telwin wants to learn who because that is who needs to pay for his fathers death.

Hruggagek Gruuretugek

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