Geildarr Ithym

Mayor Lord of Llorkh


Appearance: (LE human male skymage; Mayor of Llorkh)




Geildarr Ithym is the Lord Mayor of Llorkh and a member of the Zhentarim. He assumed the title after the Zhents invaded the city and installed him as it’s new ruler. He commands both the Zhent soldiers that frequent the town and an army of three hundred, purple cloaked, Lord’s Men that “protects” the city from those who do not appreciate the rule of the Black Network. Even with his charms the people of Llorkh do not trust Geildarr.

Geildarr rides a large white flying horse named tremble into battle. He focuses his time on three projects; Providing good trade practices for the Zhentarim in Llorkh, improving the lives of the Lord’s Men, and his own magic research. He does not like parties, seeing them as a waste of time, but endures their presence for the sake of merchant sales. He enjoys flying in the clouds, utterdark wine from Cormyr, and deceiving others (this inflates his ego.)

Geildarr Ithym

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