Elaith Craulnober

The Serpent of Waterdeep


Appearance: (NE elf male eldritch knight; Noble, and crime lord)




Elaith was a tragic character who never truly recovered from his initial fall. His descent from nobility on Evermeet to the brutal and heartless crime lord he became contributed to his contrasting qualities. In Evermeet, Elaith was serious and proper, the “epitome of elfdom” according to Amnestria. After his exile, Elaith became a heartless crime lord with a penchant for cruelty. He was portrayed as a manipulative and evil elf whose canny intelligence managed him a worthy position among Waterdeep’s nobility. Elaith was a very proud elf, and any slight made to him was answered brutally. Despite his often unforgiving manner, Elaith had a twisted sense of honor, and seemed to fully respect (albeit in a twisted fashion) many elven traditions – including his use of “Elf-friend”. During the events of the Songs and Swords campaign, Elaith underwent a drastic change. He became more questioning of his morality, and even began to actively seek redemption — through any means possible. He remained an evil crime lord, but his evil and cruel streaks were markedly reduced. Style was important to Elaith. He disdained the methods of the Zhentarim because they had "no style.

Elaith Craulnober

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