The Jade Dancer


Appearance: (CN middle aged human female sorcerer; Business Owner) The picture displayed is actually the jade dancer. Cathalishaera is slightly over-weight, she likes to wear expensive red gowns, and she has dark brown curly hair.

Portrayal: Joyful, defensive, and she loves attention.

Hook: She is looking for a new contact that is willing to “teach” offensive patrons of the Jade Dancer what type of behavior is not acceptable.


Cathalishaera is the owner of the Jade Dancer Feasthall in the Southern Ward of Waterdeep. Cathalishaera is a performer at heart, and a follower of Sune. The Jade Dancer is a construct that the feasthall is named after. Not many know that it is Cathalishaera that controls the Jade Dancer as it performs in the Feasthall daily. She is much to shy to dance like the Jade Dancer does on stage, but feels safe to express herself through the construct. The Jade Dancer has a permanent image spell cast on it that gives that jade statue a very life like appearance. Additional the statue’s hair begins every hour in a short bob cut, and by the end of the hour the dancer’s hair is down past her knees. Cathalishaera has been known to sing from the stage herself, but has not done so in the last year. Performers can pay to have the stage at a price of 1 gp during the work week. The weekend performers pay double this in order to perform from the stage. This buys a 2 hour period of time. Cathalishaera is a powerful sorcerer who uses her magic for her pleasure. This is mostly harmless, as Cathalishaera is not one to hold grudges, forgiving quickly, unless one of her followers is harmed. Any that harm the courtesans that work for her have found their secrets have been exposed to the Watch, and the nobles of Waterdeep. If you have no dark secrets, Cathalishaera is clever enough to create a believable lie that would socially destroy even members of the noble houses.

The Jade Dancer is one of the most popular places in Waterdeep for the young nobles. Here the rich rub shoulders with the poor, as long as the poor display talent deserving their attention. Adventures come here often, but do not believe that everyone displaying a weapon actually knows how to us said weapon. The feast hall is a three level warehouse structure that was converted into a feasthall. Chairs are chained to the tables, and chairs are purchased rather than meals. Anyone paying for a seat is given their choice between the house’s two specials of the day. Drinks can be purchased for a far price; the Jade Dancer has the best selection of drinks in the Southern Ward. In truth the feasthall is as much a brothel as a feasthall. The private meeting rooms are easily closed off from the rest of the facility, to be used by the courtesans and a client. The stage is in the center of the building suspended from the ceiling, under a sky light. Patrons often stand on the two balconies that overlook the stage. The kitchen is located under the street level. The bar is located on the third floor, but servers take orders as they walk around waiting tables. The servers take the orders, retrieve the drinks from the top floor, and then use poles that pass through the floors to return with the drinks. (Sliding down the poles is only a DC 5 climb check, but not dropping the drinks is an acrobatics check at 10 + 1 for each drink carried. The servers can bring 4 drinks at a time without having to make a check, thanks to all the practice they get in training.) Their is a two way magic portal that allows easy travel between the kitchen and the top floor, but it is for staff only as both require a key to activate the magic. Someone trained in spellcraft and watching closely can figure out that the key is pin with the symbol of Sune on it that the staff wears (DC 22).


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