Heroes of the Realms

The Crystal Caverns

Mysteries of the Fey

Silvermoon Journal

We had spent a week in Rheitheillaethor resting, training, and wondering what we would do next. Razor visited to hear Saphron perform a song he had written. Telwin had a new bow crafted by the elves, and penned his spellbook. Saphron spent time with Keya’s guards, Po spent his time hunting in the Dire Woods which is just across the Heartblood River. He killed a pride of akatas (aberration that looks like a blue lion with tentacles instead of a mane). Huma mostly mingled with the local elves, I spent time helping Lady Morgwais, and Arson spent her time with Keya.

The captain of the guard, Hulrune Silverbow, asked us to find his daughter Jewel. She had been spending a lot of time with a sylph scout from Loudwater. They often would travel into the forest together, and now she has not returned. The elven guards said they saw her headed north into the forest yesterday. That was the last sighting reported of the girl. The father offered 600 gp to us for the return of his daughter. Telwin asked to be shown where Jewel was seen last, and then he set about tracking the girl. With his new spells Telwin was a lot swifter at tracking. The trail joined up with another trail that continued north. The trail led us to the southern face of the Star Mountains. To a cave opening that a gray render lived in. We decided to lure the beast out of the cave, and attack it from above the cave mouth. This gave us enough time to pepper it with arrows, and spells before Po waded in to bring down the beast.

The caves branched off in several spots, and I kept slowing the group down while I tried to map and mark the tunnels we used. Telwin had thought the trail had gone cold, when we came across the sylph boy unconscious on the cavern floor. Saphron helped wake him up, and we learned that his name was Rodan’o. He had been with Jewel when they were attacked by a human shaped creature that somehow stole his shadow. It was true the boy did not have a shadow, I had heard of a creature that could do this type of thing before, but I also wondered if he was some kind of undead. Telwin found a trail of blood in the cave that we followed back to the creature’s lair. We defeated the creature and retrieved the lost shadow of Rodan’o, but Jewel was not there.

We had noticed crystals forming along the walls of the cave, and I wondered if this cave was actually the Crystal Caverns. Rodan’o told us that this was the Crystal Caverns, but he had not been able to find the oracle yet. The crystal oracle was a powerful fey spirit that could answer just about any question asked of it. Finding the oracle was hard, because it is hidden in the maze of caverns, and only the clever could discover its location. Their was an old story of lovers that discovered the oracle many years ago. It went like this …
The long gaze of love, deep and clear,
Run the maze of crystal fear.
Let not your eyes look away,
for love’s kind gaze provides a way.
Run the maze of crystal fear,
The deep loving gaze makes all things clear.

The poem held clues to help us find the path to the oracle. We found a pool with a statue of two lovers gazing at each other. and an underwater chamber with an air pocket. In the wall of the chamber a note was engraved; An echo repeats your statement, but here the oracle answers your questions. The echo changed into the answer to any one question asked of it. If we asked a second question no echo would respond at all. Each of us asked a question. We learned that the crystal cave held a portal to the Feywild, and that Jewel had been taken by a blood hag into the Feywild. We found the portal for the Feywild, and tracked down the blood hag. We defeated her and returned Jewel and Rodan’o back to their homes. When we returned to Rheitheillaethor we learned that it had been attacked by hobgoblins and werewolves.



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