The Travelers: Heroes of the Realms

Long ago, when the elves truly ruled Faerûn, the kingdom of Eaerlann held sway in the High Forest. Eaerlann fell in 882 DR when Ascalhorn became Hellgate Keep. Soon after the elves began to slip away from the High Forest, embarking on their Retreat. To this day many of the treasures of the elven kingdom lay in sealed vaults lost to time. The heroes of our story will uncover many of these treasures, as well as modern riches as they seek after there own personal goals.

Characters are made with the Epic Fantasy points. The stories are set in the Forgotten Realms setting; starting in 1372 DR. The story starts in the city of Loudwater. Characters start out at 2nd level. They have been hired to protect an elven noble as she travels to meet her mother in the High Forest.

Arson Pocketfinder – Kender Handler (Bard/Arcane Trickster) – Role: Adventurer – Player: Heather
Esban Silvermoon – Elven Diviner (Loremanster) – Role: Sage – Player: Craig
Huma Hellstorm – Fey’ri Ranger/Sorcerer (Master of Flame) – Role: Glass Canon – Player: Bruce
Saphron Rheme – Half-elf Fighter/Shaman – Role: Group speaker – Player: Becky

The following members of the travelers did not stay with the group all of the time, but would help when needed.
Calahand Leinad – Half-elf Transmuter/Rogue/Fighter/Eldritch Knight – Role: Mercenary – Player: Dan
Cayden Cailean – Human Swashbuckler – Role: Swashbuckler – Player: Brian
Po Stonebreaker – Goliath Titan Mauler Barbarian – Role: Tank – Player: Kyle
Sorrow Pathfinder – Human Ranger/Druid/Swanmay – Role – Scout – Player Wendy
Telwin Arrowleaf – Dusk Elf Urban Mystic Ranger – Role: Striker – Player: David
Urick Stonesheild – Dwarf Warlord – Role: Guardian – Player: Todd

Group Connection
Huma, Po, and Telwin met each other while fighting hobgoblins in the Graypeak Mountains. They were paid well by the leader of Tall Trees for cleaning up the goblin problem. They were asked to travel to Loudwater to join a guard that is escorting an Elven noble to Reitheillaethor.

Arson, Esban, and Saphron met each other in Evereska. Saphron traveled to meet her father for the first time. Arson had traveled with her to see the elven city. Her father asked her to secretly escort an elven noble to Reitheillaethor. Her cousin Esban joined them on their mission. Her father was going to travel with a decoy caravan. He would arrange for support to meet up with us in the city of Loudwater.

Arson, Esban, Huma and Saphron become the Chosen of the goddesses of the Moon. Eilistraee, Sehanine Moonbow, and Selune. The Zhents gave the group the name the Travelers, but the goddesses named us the Champions of the Night. The church of Shar will make frequent appearances throughout the campaign, but we will not always know that the church was the cause of the problems.

Note This page is set up for my group to track it’s game history. Any information posted here is for our use to play the game we love. This game is played in the Forgotten Realms setting, and was started way back when 2nd edition AD&D was new. I have recorded that information the best I could remember, with updates to the pathfinder system. Any information shared is not meant to infringe on any rights people or companies may have.

Heroes of the Realms

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