Mystic Ranger

Mystic Ranger (Ranger)

They mystic ranger trains to battle spellcasters that have used their magic to control others.
(Note: this sub-class was built to combine with the urban ranger sub-class.)
Class Skills: The mystic ranger loses heal, and gains Knowledge (arcana).

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Mystic rangers are proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armor, light shields, and buckler shields. A mystic ranger can use these types of armor without incurring an arcane spell failure chance. Like any other type of arcane spellcaster the mystic ranger gains the spell failure chance when they wear medium, or heavy armor and when using heavy sheilds and tower shields if the spell in question has a somatic component.

Disruptive: At first level mystic rangers gain Disruptive as a bonus feat. Their mystic ranger levels count as fighter levels for determining if they can gain feats in the disruptive chain. This ability replaces wild empathy.

Hunter’s bond: The mystic ranger gains a familiar as a wizard except that the ranger’s effective wizard level is equal to his ranger level – 3. This replaces the normal hunter’s bond choices.

Spells: A mystic ranger casts arcane spells drawn from the mystic ranger spell list. A mystic ranger must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time.To learn, prepare, or cast a spell, the mystic ranger must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a mystic ranger’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the mystic ranger’s Intelligence modifier. A mystic ranger can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His base daily spell allotment is given on the table above. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Intelligence score (see the Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells Table). A mystic ranger may know any number of spells. He must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time by getting 8 hours of sleep and spending 1 hour studying his spellbook. While studying, the mystic ranger decides which spells to prepare.
Through 3rd level, a mystic ranger has no caster level. At 4th level and higher, his caster level is equal to his mystic ranger level – 3.

Spellbooks: A mystic ranger must study his spellbook each day to prepare his spells. The mystic ranger selects three 1st-level mystic ranger spells at 4th level to add to his spellbook. At each new mystic ranger level beyond 4th level, he gains one new mystic ranger spell of any spell level or levels that he can cast (based on his new mystic ranger level) for his spellbook. At any time, a mystic ranger can also add spells found in other spellbooks to his own (see Arcane Spells). A mystic ranger can learn spells from a wizard’s spellbook, just as a wizard can from a mystic ranger’s spellbook. The spells learned must be on the mystic ranger spell list, as normal. An alchemist (see the Alchemist description) can learn formulae from a mystic ranger’s spellbook, if the spells are also on the alchemist spell list. A mystic ranger cannot learn spells from an alchemist.

Mystic Ranger Spell List

1st-Level Mystic Ranger Spells—abundant ammunition, air bubble, alarm, ant haul, anticipate peril, arcane mark, bowstaff, burning hands, chill touch, cloak of shade, color spray, corrosive touch, deadeye’s lore, detect magic, detect poison, enlarge person, expeditious retreat, feather fall, flare burst, floating disk, frostbite, glide, gravity bow, grease, heightened awareness, hunter’s howl, hydraulic push, invisibility alarm, jump, keen senses, know the enemy, lead blades, liberating command, linebreaker, longshot, mage armor, magic fang, magic missile, magic weapon, mount, obscuring mist, ray of enfeeblement, read magic, reduce person, refine improvised weapon, residual tracking, resist energy, returning weapon, shield, shocking grasp, silent image, sleep, stone fist, summon monster I, thunderstomp, true strike, unseen servant, urban grace, vanish.

2nd-Level Mystic Ranger Spells—accelerate poison, acid arrow, acute senses, alter self, Ant Haul (communal), arrow eruption, bear’s endurance, blood transcription, blur, brow gasher, bull’s strength, burning gaze, cat’s grace, darkness, defensive shock, eagle eye, effortless armor, elemental touch, endure elements (communal), enemy insight, escaping ward, fire breath, flaming sphere, fog cloud, fox’s cunning, frigid touch, guiding star, glitterdust, gust of wind, hide campsite, hunter’s eye, ice slick, improve trap, invisibility, levitate, locate weakness, minor dream, minor image, mirror image, owl’s wisdom, perceive cues, protection from energy, pyrotechnics, resist energy (communal), ricochet shot, scorching ray, shatter, spider climb, stone call, summon monster II, wind wall, web.

3rd-Level Mystic Ranger Spells—aqueous orb, arcane sight, battle trance, beast shape I, blessing of the mole, blink, bloody claws, burrow, burst of speed, cloak of winds, darkvision, daylight, deep slumber, dispel magic, displacement, elemental aura, fickle winds, fireball, flame arrow, fly, force hook charge, force punch, gaseous form, haste, hydraulic torrent, instant enemy, keen edge, lightning bolt, magic fang (greater), magic weapon (greater), major image, monstrous physique I, phantom steed, protection from energy (communal), ray of exhaustion, sleet storm, slow, stinking cloud, summon monster III, thunderstomp (greater), undead anatomy I, vampiric touch, venomous bolt, versatile weapon, water breathing, wind wall.

4th-Level Mystic Ranger Spells—arcana theft, ball lightning, beast shape II, black tentacles, darkvision (communal), detonate, dimension door, dragon’s breath, elemental body I, enlarge person (mass), find quarry, fire shield, firefall, ice storm, invisibility (greater), monstrous physique II, nondetection, phantasmal killer, reduce person (mass), river of wind, shout, solid fog, stoneskin, summon monster IV, vermin shape I, wall of fire, wall of ice, wall of sound.

Mystic Ranger

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