Magic Items

Blast Septor Rod

Price 72,504 gp; Aura strong evocation; CL 12th; Weight 5 lbs.

  • Fire Shield (Except that instead of a warm shield you gain a shock shield that protects against electiricity.)
  • Power Word Stun as a touch attack. 3/day
  • Shatter as a touch attack 3/day

Cost 37,404 gp
Craft Rod

Chalice of Aloevan (Minor Artifact)

Slot None; Aura strong enchantment and illusion; CL 17th; Weight 2 lbs.

This golden chalice causes any that drink from it to be effected by the Euphoric Tranquility spell. Additionally, any that toast to Mystra or Sehanine Moonbow enter into a greater Mindscape of an elven festival at the Court of Silver Fire. The cup is also the mindscape door into and out of the mindscape. Also the chalice can grant a Miracle once per day if a prayer of thanks is spoken to Sehanine Moonbow, then the request for a miracle is given. This last power was given to the chalice in hopes that it could cure Aloevan, however it only removed her insanity for one day, then she returned to her insanity the next day.

If the queen is ever cured of her insanity and freed from her curse of undeath the chalice would lose it’s ability to grant miracles. It would remain a powerful magic item granting the Mindscape abilities and the Euphoric Tranquility effects.

Hellstorm Spear

Price 72,504 gp; Aura strong evocation; CL 8th; Weight 6 lbs.
Alignment chaotic neutral; Senses Blindsense 60ft.
Intelligence 13; Wisdom 12; Charisma 14; Ego 17
Language empathy (Abyssal, Common)
This intelligent + 3 cold iron flaming spear was crafted to destroy evil outsiders by Esban Silvermoon for Huma Hellstorm. It has the following abilities.

  • Fly, as the spell, at a speed of 30 feet
  • Cast Magic Circle against Evil 1/day
  • Can detect any evil outsider within 60 feet

Cost 37,404 gp
Craft Arms and Armor, fly, magic circle against evil


Price + 1; Aura moderate necromancy; CL 9th; —
Armor that has this ability prevents magic energy from passing through armor or shields from touch attacks. This does not protect from touch attacks that are incorporeal even if the incorporeal status of the attack was granted by a spell. This also has a chance to block healing spells as well, if the caster touches the armor or shield.
Cost + 1
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, lesser astral projection

Moon Robe of Qilué

Price gp; Aura strong abjuration and illusion; CL 10th; Weight 2 lbs.
This black robe flickers with a shifting, silvery glow. Made of a sheer fabric; it is magically resistant to tares and stains. It grants the following power only to Qilué, as it was a gift from Mystra.

  • + 10 to stealth
  • Adjustable Disguise 2/day
  • Lesser Globe of Invulnerability 2/day
  • Spell Turning 1/day

Cost gp
Craft Wondrous Items; Adjustable Disguise, Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, Mage Armor, Spell Turning

Saphron’s Sword

Price 104,715 gp; Aura strong necromancy and transmutation; CL 18th; Weight 4 lbs.
Alignment neutral good; Senses 30 ft.
Intelligence 14; Wisdom 12; Charisma 16; Ego 16
Language Speech (Chondathan, Common, Elven)
This intelligent + 1 adamantine vorpal longsword was bonded to Saphron through a mythic ritual, and she has continued to unlock powers from the sword over the years. The sword has the following abilities shown below.

  • Legendary Power: 2
  • Dedicated Bond (An item with this ability can’t be used by anyone not bonded with it. Such creatures can’t use the item’s non-mythic special abilities, its legendary power, or its legendary surge. Furthermore, using a special ritual that takes 10 minutes to perform, the bonded creature can sequester the item in a solid object at least twice as large as the item (such as putting a sword in a stone or an oak tree). The item becomes impossible to remove by any creature not bonded to it unless by means of a wish or miracle cast by a mythic creature of higher tier than the bonded creature. If the bonded creature is at least 8th tier, she can instead perform this sequestering ritual and transfer the bond to another mythic creature she designates upon completing the ritual.) Note: This sword only functions as a adamantine longsword for everyone except for Saphron.
  • Foe-Biting (If the attack is a normal attack, the bearer can expend one use of legendary power to double the total amount of damage. If the attack is a confirmed critical hit, the bearer must instead expend two uses of legendary power to double the total damage.)
  • Spellcasting 1/day each Greater Magic Weapon, Stoneskin, Versatile Weapon (CL 12th)
  • Unstoppable Strike (The wielder can expend one use of legendary power when attacking to make the attack against touch AC. If she instead expends two uses of legendary power, the weapon also bypasses any deflection bonus to AC the target has.)

Cost gp
Craft Arms and Armor, circle of death, keen edge

Silvermoon Lore Stone

Price 34,600 gp; Aura strong transmutation; CL 8th; Weight —
Alignment neutral good; Senses darkvision 30ft.
Intelligence 12; Wisdom 14; Charisma 11; Ego 10
Language empathy (Common, Elven)
This intelligent moonstone can be placed on the center of any elf’s forehead. The stone will stay in that position as long as the wearer desires. The stone will only work for an elf, or someone with elf blood. This stone desires to profit it’s owner, urging them to buy and sell things to make a profit. It knows that information is also of great value, and will use it’s share memory ability to gain useful information. The lore stone (telkiira) grants the wearer the following abilities.

  • + 2 enhancement bonus to intelligence (Knowledge (history))
  • + 2 resistance bonus to all saving throws
  • It can store spells as a blessed book; holding up to 1,000 pages worth of spells.

In addition the lore stone itself has the following abilities.

  • 5 ranks in Appraise + 9
  • 5 ranks in Profession (merchant) + 10
  • Cast Share Memory 1/day (WDC 14)
    Personality Quirk Likes to count things and has fun with numbers.
    Cost 17,300 gp
    Craft Wondrous Item, fox’s cunning, secret page, resistance

Staff of the Master (Divination)

Price 30,000 gp; Aura moderate divination; CL 8th; Weight 5 lbs.
Often given as gifts to apprentices upon reaching the rank of master, these staves come in eight different varieties, one for each school of magic. This particular staff is for the school of divination. Aside from acting as a + 1/+ 1 quarterstaff, this staff allows use of the following spells:
True Strike (1 charge)
Detect Thoughts (1 charge)
Arcane Sight (2 charges)
In addition, this staff can be used to cast spells using any metamagic feats known by the wielder without increasing the spell’s level. This consumes a number of charges equal to the number of spell levels increased by the feat. No more than one feat can be applied to a spell cast by the wielder in this way. Using the staff for this purpose does not increase the casting time of the spell.
Cost 15,300 gp
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Staff, true strike, detect thoughts, arcane sight

Wagon of Hiding

Price 3,775 gp; Aura faint illusion; CL 5th; Weight 1,500 lbs.
This medium wagon has the ability to cover itself and the area around it with an illusion matching local scenery with a command word. This only works when the wagon is not in motion, but the illusion hides the wagon, the mounts and an area large enough for a campsite. The illusion last for up to 10 hours, but can only be used once per day.
Cost 1,800 gp
Craft Wondrous Item, Hide Campsite

Witch Hunter Bracers

Price 24,930 gp; Aura moderate abjuration; CL 7th; Weight —
These bracers are decorated with images of bears breaking slave chains. It was given to Po as a gift from Esban. They work like the seducer’s bane magic item with the additional ability to use lesser globe of invulnerability once per day.
Cost 12,465 gp
Craft Wondrous Item, detect magic, magic aura, lesser globe of invulnerability, resistance, creator must have 3 ranks in Sense Motive

Magic Items

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