Business Savvy

Benefit: You gain a + 2 bonus to Appraise, Craft, and Profession checks. If you gain 10 ranks in any of these skills the bonus becomes + 4 for those skills.

Circle Magic

Prerequisite: Able to cast 2nd level divine spells. Must be an accepted member of a druid society.
Benefit: All of the abjuration spells of the cleric class are now added to your spell list. You also gain a + 2 to overcome SR with any abjuration, and conjuration spell you cast.
Special: Only characters with this feat can participate in the use of druid circle magic.


Prerequisite: Leadership, must be a High Commander in the guild.
Benefit: You gain a + 2 bonus to all of the guild’s Training Skills. You no longer pay guild dues, and you gain a pool of cohorts equal to your Charisma modifier that work for your guild. You can exchange your active cohort daily for another cohort from your guild. Only the active cohort behaves as a cohort, the others turn their attention to other matters when they are not the active cohort.
Requirement You must spend at least 8 hours each week handling guild issues.

Greater Pin Down

Your pin down attack hurts the target.
Prerequisite: Deadly Aim (for range attacks) or Power Attack (for melee attacks), Improved Pin Down
Benefit: You receive a + 2 bonus on checks made to pin down a target. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by Improved Pin Down. Additionally, you can now pin enemy’s down by piercing their flesh. To do this you must first roll to see if you hit the target’s AC; if successful you do normal damage to the target. Then you roll your combat modifier against their CMD if successful you also pin down the target. It is possible to fail piercing their flesh but still managing to pin the target to a surface as long as the target has something that can be pinned down like clothing.

Improved Pin Down

Prerequisite: Deadly Aim (for range attacks) or Power Attack (for melee attacks)
Benefit: You do not provoke attacks of opportunity when you try to pin down a target, and you gain a + 2 bonus on checks made to pin down targets.
Normal: The target must use a move action to end the entangled condition, and you provoke an attack of opportunity when trying to pin down a target.

Insidious Magic

Prerequisite: Shadow Weave Magic
Benefit: When a weave user uses divination spells to detect your magic they must make a spellcaster level check against DC = 11 + your caster level. This benefit does not apply to evocation or transmutation spells you cast. Additionally, you have a hard time identifying evocation or transmutation spells cast by weave users. You must make a spellcaster level check against DC = 9 + the caster level of the effect/spell to identify it.


Benefit: You get a + 2 bonus on all Diplomacy checks and Sense Motive checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to + 4 for that skill.

Pernicious Magic

Prerequisite: Shadow Weave Magic
Benefit: Weave users have a hard time counterspelling your magic. When they try to counterspell one of your spells they must succeed on a caster level check against DC = 11 + your caster level. You can not counterspell evocation or transmutation spells.

Portal Master

Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item
Benefit: When ever your create portals you only pay half the normal cost to create a portal. On top of this you understand how portals work so well that you can adjust the way any portal functions, as shown on the chart below. Note: Changes made to a portal only last 1 minute before it reverts back to the way it was functioning before. (Rules for Portal Magic)

Effect Spellcraft DC
Adjust a malfunctioning portal Add your result to the percentage roll for how the portal is malfunctioning.
Cause a portal to malfunction (roll on the malfunctioning portal chart) 30
Activate without a key 25
Activate without several keys + 5 per key that is missing
Alter the destination of the portal 35

Sacred Vow

You have maid a vow to serve a deity completely.
Prerequisite: Must have a patron deity.
Benefit: You gain a + 2 sacred bonus to will saves against enchantment. Additionally you may select one more ability from the list below.
Special: If a character willingly breaks their vow they lose all benefits of this feat. Atonement can still be attempted to regain these benefits.

Vow Requirement Benefit
Abstinence Never partake of any type of drug Immune to poison
Chastity Never partake in intercourse Immune to disease
Non-violence Only cause non-lethal damage to humanoids + 2 to spell DCs that don’t cause damage
Obedience Always obey your deity Immune to enchantment
Peace Only cause non-lethal damage to creatures Gain a sacred bonus to AC and diplomacy checks equal to one fourth your level
Poverty You can not own more than you can carry, and nothing of masterwork quality You gain a sacred bonus that you can apply to AC, ability checks, skill checks, or to hit with an attack as a swift action. This bonus last until your next turn, and can be used as often as you choose. The bonus is equal to one fourth your level
Purity Never touch a dead creature Immune to necromancy

Notes: The peace vow still allows you to inflict lethal damage to constructs and undead.
The vow of purity includes meat cooked for food. However, the character may touch a dead body in order to raise it back to life.
Immunities can be willingly lowered by the character.
This feat can be taken more than once. Each time the character chooses to make a different vow.

Scribe Tattoo

Prerequisite: Scribe Scroll feat, Artistry/Craft (tattoo) 5 ranks
Benefit: You can scribe spells onto flesh. Scribing a spell in this way only cost 50% of the price of scribing a normal scroll. An individual has a limit of two spell tattoos on their body at any given time. Anyone that can cast spells from a scroll can cast a spell from a tattoo.
Special: If you are a specialist wizard from Thay you can also scribe an arcane school tattoo on another specialist wizard. This special tattoo allows the recipient to gain the Tattoo Focus feat.

Shadow Weave Magic

Prerequisite: Wisdom 13+ or patron deity Shar.
Benefit: Your magic taps into the shadow weave instead of the weave. You can use shadow magic items without taking damage.
Treat your caster level as 1 level higher for all spells from the schools of enchantment, illusion, and necromancy. Treat your caster level as 1 level lower for all spells from the schools of evocation and transmutation. You can not cast any spells with the light descriptor Any magic item you create is a shadow magic item
Special: You take one point of Wisdom damage that can only be regain by completing a quest for a cleric of Shar. The cleric of Shar can then cast an atonement spell on you to remove the Wisdom damage. Shar must become your patron deity, or the Wisdom damage returns.


Prerequisite: Must be able to cast 3rd level spells. Must have a spellpool you can attune yourself to.
Benefit: You gain spell slots that you can store spells in that you have called from the spellpool you are attuned to. You gain a number of spell levels equal to half your caster level. You can use these levels to call a spell into memory from the spellpool as a full round action. The spell can then be cast as a prepared spell. The spell remains in your memory for one minute per caster level; after that time expires the spell is lost from memory using up your usable spell levels. The spell returns to the spellpool when this happens. Spells called in this way can not be recorded into a spellbook, nor do they count as known spells for spontaneous casters.
Example: A 10th level sorcerer that has this feat has five spell levels he can call from the spellpool. He can call one 5th level spell into his memory, or one 3rd level and one 2nd level spell or five 1st level spells. It takes a full round action to call each of these spells from the spellpool. He will have 10 minutes to cast the spells after he calls them.
You can attune yourself to a spellpool through an 8 hour ritual.

Tattoo Focus

Prerequisite: Must have been tattooed by a Red Wizard that had the Scribe Tattoo feat. Must be a specialist wizard.

Benefit: You gain a + 1 to the DC for all spells you cast from your specialized school of magic. Also you gain a + 1 to overcome SR for spells from your specialized school of magic.
Special: Only specialist wizards with this feat can participate in Red Wizard Circle Magic.

Tenacious Magic

Prerequisite: Shadow Weave Magic
Benefit: Weave users have a harder time dispelling your magic. The DC for dispelling your magic for a weave user is 15 + your caster level. This benifit does not extend to evocation and transmutation spells you cast. You have a harder time dispelling weave magic. The DC for you to dispel weave magic is 13 + the caster level of the spell. This penalty does not apply to enchantment, illusion, or necromancy spells cast by weave users.


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