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  • Guavath Cleverscout

    Guavath is the red bear tribe's spiritual leader, and the mother of [[:po-stonebreaker | Po]]. The red bear tribe was captured by a rune giant's slaves. She has been keeping the tribe together the best she can now that they are slaves to Pock the giant …

  • Malkizid

    Malkizid was a powerful fallen solar and former archdevil who resided in the Blood Rift. He was also called "The Branded King", because of the constantly bleeding wound on his forehead given to him by Corellon Larethian. Malkizid was a high solar in …

  • Turlang

    Turlang is a treant in the High Forest. With his companions, he oversees the security of the ruins of Hellgate Keep by refusing to let anyone in or out, but he is aware that evil is still present, sealed beneath the ruins, and is wary of its escape.

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