Heroes of the Realms

Magic of the Big City
Down Time in Waterdeep

We travel to Waterdeep to upgrade our gear, train, and follow up on the lead about Arson’s dad. We make a few new contacts in the big city while we stayed there.

The Ties That Bind
Family Reunions

Rheitheillaethor’s held a celebration in honor of us, and Keya returning from the dead. A female sun elf we had never seen before approached Huma at the party, and the two of them disappeared into the trees away from the party. Arson noticed them leave, so she followed. Arson overheard them talking about a lost contact in town. The female seemed very angry at Huma, and demanded that he share anything he had learned. She asked if he had learned the patrols schedules then she requested his journal. Huma told her that she could not have it. She was not his commanding officer, he did not answer to her. She told him that they both worked for house Dlardrageth., and she would report his refusal as treason. Huma asked her why do you have to make everything so difficult. (He called her by the name Vessara.) She asked for the journal once more and stormed off when Huma refused again.

Back at the party Po experienced a vision through the bond-fire flames. He saw his tribe being beaten by giants. They were being moved through the mountains to someplace new.

Huma went back to his gear and burned up the journal. Arson asked Huma what he was doing. He told her that he was cutting ties with his past and then walked away. Arson told Saphron what she had seen, and asked Esban about it. Esban recognized house Dlardrageth, the demon fey. The group confronted Huma about what had happened. Huma decided to tell us the truth. He shared about the deal he made with a devil to try to free himself from house Dlardrageth, and how Oparal had helped him become an agent to get him away from the other fey’ri. He told us that Vessara is an enforcer for the fey’ri. The fact that she came after him means that the fey’ri are doubting Huma can be trusted. The fact that Huma was in Rheitheillaethor endangered the people there.

Cannibal Hunger
Quest for Power

As the suns final rays had left the forest, and the pink water of the blood river had changed to black. We could make out the sounds of goblin horns blowing through the trees. We readied ourselves for battle. The town of Rheitheillaethor has no city walls because it is built in the trees. The defenders worked to keep the goblin fires from consuming the trees, and the archers took down several goblin fire archers, but when the werewolves emerged from the trees, and climbed onto the walking bridges we focused on knocking them off the walkways or taking them down. A goblin summoner conjured a couple of fire elementals we had to stop.

Lady Morgwais helped defend the Meeting Hall that held most of the citizens, but her daughter Keya refused to stay inside as she was told. During the battle Keya sneaked out to join the defense of her home. The enemy baited her out onto a bridge and cut the ropes at both ends sending her to the forest floor below. The summoner switched places with Keya, allowing the enemy to knock her out and carry her away. Telwin noticed one of the hobgoblins that had cut the rope had shape shifted into an elf. We exposed the shape shifting traitor, discovering it was truly a fey’ri.
We tracked Keya’s kidnappers to a cave that turned out to be an old dwarven outpost. We fought several goblinoids, and found dwarven prisoners. The dwarves helped direct us to where Keya was kept. When we got there a Barghest had just finished consuming her. We attacked the beast as it transformed. The creature tried to use its magic powers to escape, but Telwin and Po hit the beast so hard it fell to the ground before it could teleport away. We had destroyed the beast, but Keya was gone.

When we told Lady Morgwais she was heart broken, but one of her councilors told us that their was someone that could bring her child back in the Weathercote Woods. Telwin told us it was true, there is a powerful fey cleric that is called Weathercote. She is one of the most powerful creatures in all the realms. She has brought others back to life before, but it is a costly ritual. Lady Morgwais said she would pay anything to have her child back. The high priest of Moonbow in Rheitheillaethor teleported Telwin to the Weathercote Woods. He told Weathercote about what had happen. She agreed to help, but would need a large amount of diamonds to complete the ritual. Telwin returned with the news. Lady Morgwais knew of an old elven ruin that should have the diamonds still in it’s sealed vault.

We entered the ruins, defeated the guardians and found the diamonds needed for the ritual. Telwin, Lady Morgwais and the high priest returned to Weathercote the next day. Weathercote performed the ritual, and Keya returned to us.

The Crystal Caverns
Mysteries of the Fey

Silvermoon Journal

We had spent a week in Rheitheillaethor resting, training, and wondering what we would do next. Razor visited to hear Saphron perform a song he had written. Telwin had a new bow crafted by the elves, and penned his spellbook. Saphron spent time with Keya’s guards, Po spent his time hunting in the Dire Woods which is just across the Heartblood River. He killed a pride of akatas (aberration that looks like a blue lion with tentacles instead of a mane). Huma mostly mingled with the local elves, I spent time helping Lady Morgwais, and Arson spent her time with Keya.

The captain of the guard, Hulrune Silverbow, asked us to find his daughter Jewel. She had been spending a lot of time with a sylph scout from Loudwater. They often would travel into the forest together, and now she has not returned. The elven guards said they saw her headed north into the forest yesterday. That was the last sighting reported of the girl. The father offered 600 gp to us for the return of his daughter. Telwin asked to be shown where Jewel was seen last, and then he set about tracking the girl. With his new spells Telwin was a lot swifter at tracking. The trail joined up with another trail that continued north. The trail led us to the southern face of the Star Mountains. To a cave opening that a gray render lived in. We decided to lure the beast out of the cave, and attack it from above the cave mouth. This gave us enough time to pepper it with arrows, and spells before Po waded in to bring down the beast.

The caves branched off in several spots, and I kept slowing the group down while I tried to map and mark the tunnels we used. Telwin had thought the trail had gone cold, when we came across the sylph boy unconscious on the cavern floor. Saphron helped wake him up, and we learned that his name was Rodan’o. He had been with Jewel when they were attacked by a human shaped creature that somehow stole his shadow. It was true the boy did not have a shadow, I had heard of a creature that could do this type of thing before, but I also wondered if he was some kind of undead. Telwin found a trail of blood in the cave that we followed back to the creature’s lair. We defeated the creature and retrieved the lost shadow of Rodan’o, but Jewel was not there.

We had noticed crystals forming along the walls of the cave, and I wondered if this cave was actually the Crystal Caverns. Rodan’o told us that this was the Crystal Caverns, but he had not been able to find the oracle yet. The crystal oracle was a powerful fey spirit that could answer just about any question asked of it. Finding the oracle was hard, because it is hidden in the maze of caverns, and only the clever could discover its location. Their was an old story of lovers that discovered the oracle many years ago. It went like this …
The long gaze of love, deep and clear,
Run the maze of crystal fear.
Let not your eyes look away,
for love’s kind gaze provides a way.
Run the maze of crystal fear,
The deep loving gaze makes all things clear.

The poem held clues to help us find the path to the oracle. We found a pool with a statue of two lovers gazing at each other. and an underwater chamber with an air pocket. In the wall of the chamber a note was engraved; An echo repeats your statement, but here the oracle answers your questions. The echo changed into the answer to any one question asked of it. If we asked a second question no echo would respond at all. Each of us asked a question. We learned that the crystal cave held a portal to the Feywild, and that Jewel had been taken by a blood hag into the Feywild. We found the portal for the Feywild, and tracked down the blood hag. We defeated her and returned Jewel and Rodan’o back to their homes. When we returned to Rheitheillaethor we learned that it had been attacked by hobgoblins and werewolves.

Under the Granite Tower
Attacked from every corner.

Silvermoon Journal

We spent the next two days as guest of Deogol Fengrath. The group took this time to heal, and explore the town. Po and Telwin learned of the town’s brewery and tavern. We met Mother Sistra the overseer of the Hearthcircle of Yondalla, and Beshin Fengrath the town’s sheriff. Beshin wrestled with Po, loser had to pay for a round of drinks. Beshin out maneuvered Po quickly pinning the gray skinned giant, and earned a free drink. We also took the time to improve our fighting skills with each other. Po does not trust Huma or myself yet, something about dark magic. He said that he would not train with us, but Telwin took the time to help us plan contingencies. On the second day a large group of Zhentarim merchants rolled into town. They started a fight with Arson, Po, Saphron, and Telwin in the tavern (Huma and I were in the gray tower). They knocked out the Zhents, and made their way back to the gray tower. Beshin came to tell us that the Zhents have a warrant for a group going by the name “travelers” matching our discription. Their warrant said that we robbed a Zhentarim caravan. Beshin said that he would not turn us in, but we had to leave town before the Zhents threaten the towns people.

While we were gathering our travel gear we were attacked with two canisters of sleeping gas. All except for Po and Saphron were effected by the gas. A group of Zhent soldiers attacked Po and Saphron. Po and Saphron took down four of the attackers before the rest ran away. It took a minute for Saphron to wake the group up, but Arson had been hit hard by the gas. It took an hour to wake her up. While the Zhentarim was attacking us, Keya was kidnapped. Deogol told us that she had been taken by the undead monster that lived in the crypts below the tower. He told us how to get into the crypt, but said that the contents of the crypt belong to him. He wanted 50% of anything we found of value below. Telwin talked him down to 30% before we headed down below.

We entered the crypt, and got past a trap that had been set to kill intruders thanks to Arson and Telwin. The crypt was filled with undead which we destroyed. We came across a trapped bralani that called herself Enganador. We freed her, and she helped us to defeat Silifrey Spraystrider, but we learned from Silifrey that Enganador was actually a succubus. She teleported away before we could try to destroy her. We found Keya, and headed back to the tower.

The Zhents were at the tower when we returned, but we heard them before they noticed us. We set up a surprise attack taking out the leaders first. The rest of the soldiers fled after they saw they had lost their support. We rested one more night at the tower, and traveled back through the fey backroad to continue our journey to Rheitheillaethor. It was just before sunset and we were attacked by a pack of werewolves. Without silver weapons the battle was hard, but we did manage to bring them down. The werewolves were hobgoblins that wore the yellow skull necklaces. The yellow skull tribe was still searching for us it appeared.

We reached Rheitheillaethor, and we were given a warm welcome by Lady Morgwais.

Meta Game Notes

Human Alchemist 4th XP 800
6 Human Warriors 1st XP 800
Wight Necromancer 7th XP 4,800
7 halfling skeletons XP 0
6 halfling wight spawn XP 3,200
bat swam XP 600
brown mold XP 600
wall scythe trap XP 1,400
4 ghouls XP 1,600
14 zombies XP 2,800
Trickery of a succubus XP 1,600
human cleric of bane XP 1,600
human wizard XP 1,200
Human alchemist XP 800
Half-orc fighter XP 800
12 human warriors XP 1,600
8 hobgoblin werewolves XP 6,400
Deliver Keya to her mother XP 6,000

Zhent Caravan;
Keep = 26 gp; Veterinarian’s kit 10 gp, Fishing net (1) 4 gp, Mirror (1) 10 gp, Shovel (1) 2 gp,
Sell = 137 gp; cooking kits (9) 27 gp, Crowbars (5) 10 gp, Drills (10) 5 gp, Flint and steel (30) 30 gp, Fishhooks (30) 3 gp, Fishing kit (4) 2 gp, Fishing net (3) 12 gp, Folding ladder (4) 8 gp, Hammer (10) 5 gp, Lamp (10) 1 gp, Mess kit (5) 1 gp, Mirror (4) 40 gp, Oil (40) 4 gp, Sack (20) 2 gp, Saws (10) 1 sp, Shaving kit (10) 15 gp, Shovel (9) 18 gp, String (10) 1 sp, Whetstone (50) 1 gp, Mead (19 gallons) 38 gp, Powdered milk (40) 4 gp, Cheese (40) 4 gp, Chocolate bars (8) 40 gp, Grooming kit (4) 4 gp
Loss = 352 gp; Heavy Wagon 100 gp, Merchant’s scale 2 gp, Portable altar 250 gp (These were clearly marked as Zhent property.
Arson = 9 gp; Chocolate bars (1) 5 gp, cooking kit 3 gp, Grooming kit 1 gp
Esban = 98 gp; Portable alchemist’s lab 75 gp, Abacus 2 gp, Grooming kit 1 gp, Paper (50) 20 gp
Huma = 151 gp; light horse 75 gp, Portable alchemist’s lab, Grooming kit 1 gp
Po = 78 gp;Mead (1 gallons) 2 gp, light horse 75 gp, Fishing kit 5 sp, Grooming kit 1 gp
Saphron = 81 gp; Chocolate bars (1) 5 gp, light horse 75 gp, Grooming kit 1 gp
Telwin = 76 gp; light horse 75 gp, Fishing kit 5 sp, Grooming kit 1 gp

1 human cleric of bane 6th
Keep = 900 gp; Elixir of hiding 250 gp, dust of tracelessness 250 gp, Potion of cure light wounds (2) 100 gp, Oil of Erase 50 gp, Antitoxin 50 gp, Antiplague 50 gp,
Sell = 97 gp; heavy mace 12 gp, mwk hide 165 gp, Scroll case 1 gp, Cleric’s kit 16 gp
Loss = 25 gp; silver bane unholy symbol 25 gp,
Arson = 75 gp; Ioun torch 75 gp
Esban = 28 gp; Invisible ink (good) 25 gp, Sealing wax 1 gp, Scrivener’s kit 2 gp
Huma = 336 gp; mwk light crossbow 335 gp, 10 bolts 1 gp
Po = 505 gp; mithral spiked gauntlet 505 gp, mwk breastplate 350 gp
Saphron = 70 gp; mwk light steel shield 159 gp, Surgeon’s tools 20 gp, Healer’s kit 50 gp, scroll of zone of truth 150 gp,

1 human transmuter 5th;
Keep = 500 gp; Potion of shield of faith (2) 100 gp, Potion of barkskin (2) 100 gp, potion of invisibility 300 gp,
Sell = 630 gp; mwk light crossbow 335 gp, 20 bolts 2 gp, mwk quarterstaff 600 gp, mwk dagger 302 gp, wizard’s kit 21 gp
Esban = 1,340 gp; scroll of levitate 150 gp, scroll of cat’s grace 150 gp, scroll of tiny hut 375 gp, spellbook (all cantrips, 1st alarm, crafter’s fortune, expeditious retreat, icicle dagger, mage armor, magic missile, shield, windy escape, 2nd Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Fox’s Cunning, Levitate, Scorching Ray, 3rd Beast Shape I, Resinous Skin, Summon Monster III, Tiny Hut) 665 gp
Huma = 25 gp; scroll of mage armor 25 gp,
Saphron = 1,000 gp; Cloak of resistance + 1 1,000 gp,
Telwin = 25 gp; scroll of mage armor 25 gp,

1 half-orc fighter 4th;
Keep = 300 gp; potion of cure moderate wounds 300 gp
Sell = 964 gp; mwk battleaxe 310 gp, mwk comp (1) longbow 500 gp, mwk spiked half plate 1,100 gp, fighter’s kit 9 gp, compass 10 gp,
Loss = 1 gp; signal horn 1 gp (Zhent mark)
Po = 310 gp; mwk cold iron spiked gauntlet 310 gp,
Telwin = 83 gp; 20 arrows 1 gp, climber’s kit 80 gp, bear trap 2 gp

1 human alchemist
Keep = 660 gp; acid flask (9) 90 gp, liquid ice (3) 120 gp, potion of cure light wounds (3), 150 gp, Potion of barkskin (1) 300 gp,
Sell = 370 gp; mwk chain shirt 250 gp, Alchemist Kit 40 gp, Formula book 450 gp
Arson = 250 gp; Traveler’s any-tool 250 gp,
Po = 351 gp; mwk heavy crossbow 350 gp, 10 bolts 1 gp
Saphron = 302 gp; mwk cold iron dagger 302 gp,

6 human warrior 1st
Cash = 72 gp
Keep = 132 gp; 6 alchemist’s fire 120 gp, 120 bolts 12 gp
Sell = 615 gp; 6 chainmail 900 gp, 6 heavy wooden shield 18 gp, 6 dagger 12 gp, 6 longsword 90 gp, 6 light crossbow 210 gp

6 human warrior 1st 6 acid flask, 6 chainmail, 6 buckler shield, dagger, 6 shortsword, 6 shortbow with 240 arrows, 186 gp;
Cash = 186 gp
Keep = 72 gp; 6 acid flask 60 gp, 240 arrows 12 gp,
Sell = 591 gp; 6 chainmail 900 gp, 6 buckler shield 30 gp, 6 dagger 12 gp, 6 short swords 60 gp, 6 short bows 180 gp

Silifrey’s Gear
Cash = 186 gp
Keep = 600 gp; potion of invisibility (2) 600 gp,
Sell = 1 gp; dagger 2 gp, quarterstaff,
Loss = 300 gp; potion of inflict moderate wounds 300 gp,
Arson = 4,500 gp; wand of lightning bolt (20 charges) 4,500 gp,
Esban = 2,035 gp; scroll of black tentacles 700 gp, scroll of protection from energy 375 gp, spellbook (all cantrips, 1st – Alarm, Decompose Corpse, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Sleep, Shield, Windy Escape; 2nd – Alter Self, False Life, Resist Energy, Summon Swarm, Unshakable Chill; 3rd – Gaseous Form, Hold Person, Howling Agony, Vampiric Touch; 4th – Fear, Ghost Wolf) 960 gp
Huma = 1,150 gp; scroll of levitate 150 gp, cloak of resistance + 1 1,000 gp,
Po = 2,000 gp; ring of protection + 1 2,000 gp,
Saphron = 300 gp; potion of mirror image 300 gp,
Telwin = 150 gp; scroll of levitate 150 gp,

8 Hobgoblin Werewolves Gear
Cash = 240 gp
Keep = 176 gp; alchemist’s fire 160 gp, 160 bolts 16 gp
Sell = 268 gp; 8 Hide armor 120 gp, 8 dagger 16 gp, 8 longsword 120 gp, 8 light crossbow 280 gp,

Deliver Keya to her mother 1,800 gp;

Total Treasure

Cash = 2,244 gp 4,101 gp 8 sp, 3 cp
Keep = 3,366 gp;
Sell = 3,673 gp;
Loss = 678 gp;
Arson; Gear 4,834 gp, Cash 0 gp
Esban; Gear 3,501 gp, Cash 600 gp
Huma; Gear 1,662 gp, Cash 1,183 gp, bolts (140) potions of cure light wounds (3), potion of barkskin (1), acid flask (3), alchemist’s fire (2)
Po; Gear 3,244 gp, Cash 857 gp,
Saphron; Gear 1,753 gp, Cash 1,183gp, bolts (140), potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of barkskin (1), elixir of hiding, Antitoxin, Antiplague, Veterinarian’s kit, potion of invisibility (1), acid flask (2), alchemist’s fire (2)
Telwin; Gear 334 gp, Cash 1,183 gp, arrows (240), potions of cure light wounds (2), potion of barkskin (1), potion of shield of faith (2), oil of erase, dust of tracelessness, fishing net, mirror, shovel, potions of invisibility (2), liquid ice (3), alchemist fire (10), acid flask (10)

Guardians and Goblins
Traveling to Reitheilaethor

Silvermoon Journal

Evereska has been attacked by foul magical creatures called phaerimms. I was asked by my uncle Rilithar Stilmyst to escort Keya Morgwais back to her mother in Reitheillaethor. I agreed to this for a payment of 300 gp upon completion of the task. To my surprise I was joined by my cousin Saphron (uncle Rilithar’s daughter) and her small friend Arson. We were to travel north to the Black Road, then follow that till we came to the human city of Llorkh. There uncle Rilithar had arranged for us to meet up with some hired swords that would help us reach Reitheilaethor safely. The journey to Llorkh was pleasant, thanks to Saphron, and Arson. Both apparently are entertainers, which has kept Keya in good spirits. On top of that Arson is a decent cook, but when I said that the hin are some of the best cooks she was offended. She has a sharp tongue for one so small. I have learned to be more cautious about my words towards her.

We had been told to meet the other guards in Llorkh, and our contact point was at the Tantarn Inn. We found them; a very large warrior with gray skin, a regal looking sun elf, and a pale dark haired moon elf. The pale elf’s name was Telwin, and he told me he was a mercenary from a forest to the east of the High Forest, when asked which one he told me to guess, I said the Far Forest and he told me “sure”. The sun elf is a sorcerer from the High Forest named Huma, and the large gray one is a goliath named Po from the Graypeak mountains. Telwin started asking about the pay for the job. Keya told him that her mother would pay all of us when we got her to Reitheilaethor.

We spent the night at the inn, and bought more supplies in town for the journey. We set out for Reitheilaethor we crossed the River Loagrann at a ford. Then headed north towards the River Delimbiyr, but along the way we encountered a hobgoblin raid on a Zhentarim merchant caravan. We fought off the hobgoblins, only to learn that this was a zhent slave caravan. It turns out that Po does not like slave traders. He demanded the freedom of the slaves, but none of the slavers understood giant, so Telwin translated. The slavers offered to sell the slaves, but we told them that the price for saving their lives was the slaves. They agreed when they saw that Po was more than willing to finish what the hobgoblins had started. The Zhents asked us who we were, and all we would tell them is we were travelers. Arson told us that all the slaves were wearing her father’s manacles. Turns out her father is a locksmith that had crafted the manacles. He has been missing for several months, and Arson hopes to find him, but is not sure where to start looking for clues. The six slaves were all from Waterdeep, and they joined us in our travels north at Keya’s request. She said that her mother would arrange for them to be returned to Waterdeep.

The next day we were attacked by goblin wolf riders that attacked us with alchemist fire, two days after that we were attacked by vargouilles at the edge of the High Forest. We met a pseudodragon named Razor. He told us about the yellow skull tribe. He also told us what we had to do to cure Keya, who had been infected by one of the vargouilles. We traveled to the Shining Falls through a fey backroad to talk with a nymph druid named Gwenyth. The fey backroad looked like a large foxes den and was guraded by a huldra (a fey that looks like a female with a foxes tail) named Breena. Saphron impressed the fey with her singing so we were allowed to use the backroad. It seemed as if we walked twenty feet through a tunnel, but we ended up near the Shining Falls miles away. Breena introduced us to Gwenyth. Gwenyth listened to us about Keya’s problem and she told us she needed an ancient ritual from the grotto of spring. Unfortunately, some nasty gremlins had taken over the grotto. She showed us were to find the grotto and we got rid of the four gremlins and there two pet krenshars. Gwenyth used the ritual to cast out the vargouille infection using an old nature ritual called exspell. This expelled an incorporeal vargouille from Keya that we destroyed. Gwenyth introduced us to Deogol Fengrath at Shining Falls, and arranged for us to stay with him. (Shining Falls does not have an inn yet, so he was the only one that had enough room for us to rest.

Meta Game Notes

Guard Keya: 1,000 xp,
16 hobgoblins 3,200 xp,
8 Slave Merchants 400 xp,
8 goblin riders and 8 wolves 4,280 xp,
6 vargouilles 3,600 xp,
Pass Fey Guardian (Huldra) 1,200 xp,
uncover druid ritual 600 xp:
2 Krenshar, pit trap, and 4 Nuglub 3,600 xp
incorporeal vargouille 1,200 xp
Total 19,080 (3,180 xp each, 3rd level.)

Treasure (Goblins carry hobgoblin crafted items.)
Hobgoblins (8 studded leather armors – 200 gp sell, 8 light steel shields – 24 gp sell, 8 longswords – 120 gp sell, 8 longbows 600 gp sell, 160 arrows – 20 gp keep, 8 cure light wounds potions – 400 gp keep, 8 alchemist fire – 160 gp keep, 8 Yellow musk creeper repellent 240 gp loss; 312 gp keep) Sell: 472 gp; Keep 892 gp; Total 1,364gp
Slave merchants: 6 Slaves 2,400 gp (loss)
Goblin riders: 8 small leather armors – 80 gp sell, 8 small shortsword – 80 gp sell, 8 small riding saddles – 80 gp sell; 8 small bit and bridles – 16 gp sell; 1,824 gp keep; Sell: 128 gp; Keep 1,824
Grotto treasure: Exspell Ritual 750 gp keep; (5,294 gp) mwk darkwood quarterstaff 600 gp Esban, Ring of spell knowledge I 1,500 gp Huma, potion of Magic vestment 750 gp Po, scroll of lightning bolt 375 gp Esban, wand of speak with animals 750 gp sell, 480 gp keep, 16 pp keep; Aquamarine 500 gp sell; Black Pearl 500 gp sell; large ruby 5,000 sell; Sell: 6,375 gp; Keep 4,615

Sell: 6,975 gp Keep: 6,931 gp Loss: 2,640 gp Total Gained: 13,906 gp (Each 2,317 gp, 6 sp; Arson: 2,317 gp, 6 sp; Esban: mwk darkwood quarterstaff, scroll of lightning bolt, 1,342 gp, 6 sp; Huma: Ring of spell knowledge I, 817 gp, 6s p; Po: potion of magic vestment, 1,567 gp, 6 sp; Saphron: 2,317 gp, 6 sp; Telwin: 2,317 gp, 6 sp)


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