Strahd von Zarovich

Lord of Barovia


Appearance: (CE Undead human male fighter/necromancer; Lord of Barovia)




Count Strahd von Zarovich is the Vampire darklord of Barovia. He rules the land publicly from Castle Ravenloft as Strahd XI, supposedly a descendant of Strahd I, but actually the same man. Strahd murdered his younger brother Sergei von Zarovich on his wedding day in an attempt to claim Sergi’s bride, Tatyana Federovna. This is the final act that caused him to become the first known darklord. Tatyana rejected his love and jumped to her death from the walls of Castle Ravenloft. Strahd is now cursed to hunt and lose the reincarnations of Tatyana.
Strahd was nobly born to Barov von Zarovich and Ravenia van Roeyen in Prime Material Barovia in 299 BC. He was the older brother of Sergei and Sturm.
Strahd spent the first few decades of his adult life in his war with the Tergs that had invaded and occupied Barovia. In perhaps the most critical moment in his war against the foreign invaders, Strahd called the fiend Inajira in the hope of securing victory at the cost of his soul. Strahd largely managed to escape the contract devil’s foul contract with the contract he made with Death that gave him eternal life, or unlife as the case may be. However, Strahd merely traded one form of damnation for another, as this horrible pact ultimately led to Strahd becoming an all but immortal darklord.
Throughout his long history as darklord of Barovia, Strahd has come into conflict with many who would challenge his dominance. For example, his great niece, Lyssa von Zarovich, transformed herself into a vampire to challenge his rule. She also conspired with the High Master Illithid to generate a race of illithid vampires to depose Strahd, but the plan failed. With the help of Emil Bollenbach, Strahd poisoned Lyssa as punishment for her plotting against him, causing her to fall into a debilitating slumber.

Strahd von Zarovich

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