Giant Lord of the Graypeak Mountains


Appearance: (LE giant male; Giant lord of the Graypeak Mountains)




Magically crafted and crossbred from taiga and fire giant slaves by ancient wizards, rune giants are anathema to their own kind. Given power to command and magically control other giants, the rune giants themselves served their even more powerful masters, and in so doing granted ancient empires armies of giants to command. In the eons since these ancient empires collapsed, rune giants have persisted as a race of their own, little more than bogeymen, horrors whispered of late at night by superstitious giants. Rune giants’ charcoal flesh is decorated by dozens of runes—manifestations of their eldritch powers. Rune giants are 40 feet tall and weigh 25,000 pounds.

Pock came to the Graypeak Mountains through a portal in the Dragon Mountains far to the East. He had been banished by his own people for betraying them to the Red Wizards of Thay. Since then he has built his own Kingdom of giants on the Eastern face of the Graypeak Mountains overlooking the great desert. Pock has started expanding to the Western side of the Graypeaks. The first people to be conquered were the Red Bear Tribe of goliaths. He has found that these smaller slaves have allowed him to expand his kingdom into the depths of the Graypeaks. Currently he is battling against several different enemies, beholders, dragons, and deep orcs all have resisted his expansion to the west.


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