Naneatha Suaril

Priestess of High Moonlight in Waterdeep


Appearance: (CG Middle Aged human female cleric; High Priestess of Selune) priestly noble garb, fancy hair-due, jewels;
Always attending to the flock of Selune.

Portrayal: Congenial, Fashionable, and Proud.

Hook: Wants to defeat Vanrank Moonstar. Mentor of Saphron Rheme.


Naneetha Suaril is the Priestess of High Moonlight of the House of the Moon in the city of Waterdeep on the Sea Ward. Suaril is a proud noble with a rich sense of fashion. In 1372 Naneetha is 48 years old.

Naneetha has a good relationship with Saphron’s family, and has taken an interest in the magic gifts Selune has granted to Saphron.

Naneatha Suaril

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