The Mask


Appearance: (CE human male necromancer; Thieve’s guild-master)




Marune, usually known as the Masked, was a necromancer and the oldest living member of the Shadow thieves and also the leading agent to their comeback in Waterdeep. Marune is consumed with his hatred for the Lords of Waterdeep and the members of the Arunsun clan. He is cruel, ruthless, and vengeful to a fault. However Marune accepts whatever changes occur within the guild with a shrug, determined only that the guild will survive.

Despite his reputation, Marune is rather nondescript in appearance. He is of middling height, with an average face, a mid-length gray beard, and a plump belly. Traditionally, Marune has favored the classic garb of a necromancer, including long black robes and a somewhat pointy hat. However, during visits to Waterdeep, the Cloakmaster of the Dessarin shields his identity with Andrathath’s mask.


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