Lady Morgwais

Wood Elf Head of the Caerilcarn


Appearance: (CG elf female ranger/bard; Noble leader of the Caerilcarn)




Lady Morgwais is a founding member of the Caerilcarn; who dream of rebuilding Eaerlann. They have repopulated the town of Tall Trees and have started two settlements in the High Forest. Lady Morgwais lives in the settlement of Reitheillaethor on the eastern banks of the Heartblood River. Here the river still has a tint of red to the waters, but it is safe to drink. She leads the town in it’s building, and helps the people handle issues they can not solve themselves.

Lady Morgwais has two children, Galaeron Nihmedu a Tomb Guard for Evereska, and Keya Morgwais a girl with amazing magical gifts that are not understood.

Lady Morgwais

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