Halaster Blackcloak

Master of Undermountain


Appearance: (CN human male wizard; Archmage of Undermountain)




The creator of Undermountain, Halaster Blackcloak is widely and correctly thought of as a very old, very powerful wizard… who is also completely insane.

The ancient mage is expert in such diverse talents as gemcutting, engineering, and the breeding and control of monsters (living and undead) from other planes. His insanity makes him constantly chuckle and mutter to himself, and he seems unable to follow arguments or conversations for long. However, his insanity does not prevent him from seeing danger or menace when it threatens – or defending himself with lightning speed and efficiency.

Halaster possesses literally hundreds of magic items, and when in Undermountain (where he’s usually “hidden in the walls,” employing his own secret network of passages), he can command constructs such as golems, helmed horrors, and crawling claws. Halaster can also call on contingency spells, clones of himself, and the tricks and traps of Undermountain, including a “moving portal” that can snatch up himself or others and whisk them elsewhere.

Halaster’s moments of sanity in Undermountain are rare, but outside it he’s usually lucid. On such occasions, Halaster is fastidious, meticulous, dignified, cold, and proper. He remembers any slight or aid given him and brooks no insolence – and also tries to get his own way in everything, caring nothing for the destruction or harm he may do in the process.

The Blackcloak’s chief interests include collecting new monsters and magic. After thousands of years, little of either is really “new” to him. While waiting for such delights, he amuses himself by manipulating events and politics to his whims.

Halaster Blackcloak

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