Emporea Tekin

Griffon Rider of Waterdeep


Appearance: (CG half-elf female warpriest; Griffon Rider of Waterdeep)




Emporea is friends with Saphron. They met as young girls at the temple of Selûne and bonded because they both were half-elves that only knew their mothers. Emporea always dreamed of being a griffon rider for Waterdeep. She was excepted into the griffon riders recently and quickly rose through the ranks to captain. She reports to Lord Moedt Belabranta for the griffon riders and to Naneatha Suaril at the temple of Selûne as a warpriest for the church. Her duty to both has prevented her from advancing higher within the organizations.

She is attracted to Telwin.

Emporea Tekin

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