Edennon Silvermoon

Head of the Noble Merchant House of Silvermoon (Esban's Dad)


Appearance: (NG elf male merchant prince; Silvermoon noble)




Edennon Silvermoon has rebuilt the Silvermoon family fortune through merchant investments. He knows that the family once owned lands in the Ardeep Forest, but has no proof legally of this. His dream has been to restore honor to the Silvermoon family. His grandfather had dealings with demons, and had been exposed by adventurers long ago. It was at that time that all records had been lost covering land ownership. Running the Silvermoon Trading Coaster as part of the Merchant’s League from Baltur’s Gate; takes up most of his time. They trade in elven crafted clothing, armor, war mounts, and weapons. At this time he is looking to purchase land with metal deposits in the Gray Peak Mountains.

Edennon cares deeply about his families reputation, and sometimes come off harsh because of this. He is proud of his children, and deeply loves his wife.

Edennon Silvermoon

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