Owner of the Yawning Portal Tavern in Waterdeep


Appearance: (CG human male fighter; Tavern owner)




Durnan “the Wanderer” is an ex-adventurer that won his fortune in Undermountain many years ago. He bought that land around of the entrance to Undermountain and built the Yawning Portal Tavern there. The Yawning Portal is the best known tavern in Waterdeep, attracting adventurers from all over the world. Durnan has a wife and daughter that help run the tavern. Durnan has contacts in every part of Waterdeep that keep him aware of most everything that happens in Waterdeep. Durnan is now in his nineties, but is still more active than most teenagers. This may be from magic he found in undermountain, or because he has always led an active life. He is quiet about this matter, though some nobles do still try to find out what his secret is.

All have heard, and a few have even seen him drop an enemy with just one toss of his throwing axe. Durnan only uses lethal force when weapons are drawn. Even then he normally just evicts the unwanted person outside the tavern, with a warning not to return. It is the unwanted return that normally gets the axe.


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