Darva Rheme

Member of the Destiny Stars Carnival (Saphron's Mom)


Appearance: (N human female expert; entertainer)




Darva is from Waterdeep, but travels with the Destiny Stars Carnival, which is run by her parents. She has been an entertainer all her life. Years ago she met Rilithar Stilmyst in Loudwater while performing. The two had a one night stand, and Saphron was conceive that night. Darva has always loved Saphron, and all of the Destiny Stars helped to raise Saphron. Darva still travels with the Destiny Stars all over the North and the Sword Coast.

She is a popular acrobat, trick riding, and trick shot performer. One of her most famous tricks is when she fires her crossbow at an apple on the head of another member of the Destiny Stars while standing in the saddle of her horse while Darva is blindfolded. (She carries a healing potion just in case it does not work out. So far she has never needed the healing potion.)

Darva Rheme

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