Darius Yama

Sun Soul Monk from Waterdeep


Appearance: (LG human male monk; Sailor, and sun soul monk)




Darius Yama is a sailor, and a sun soul monk in Waterdeep. He is infatuated with Saphron, and he often sends gifts to her. He defended Saphron’s mother from attacks made by agents of Shar, and for this Saphron is grateful, Darius is very driven, and a little stern at times. Saphron does find Darius attractive, but worries that his devotion to the Sun Soul Brotherhood would cause issues in a long term relationship.

Darius is attacted to females and Wisdom, he is turned off by Intellegence. Fetish: Singers + 2

Saphron’s Attractiveness: 9

Darius Yama

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