Andrail Paton

Member or the Launderers’ Guild


Appearance: (NG human female commoner; Member of the Launderers’ Guild)




Andrail is a high standing member of the Launderers’ Guild, and a friend of Darva Rheme. The destiny stars will only allow Andrail to do there laundry in Waterdeep. Andrail is also a member of the Red Slashes.

Andrail is a heavy set, fair skinned, friendly woman, that got tired of criminals getting away with things in Waterdeep. Andrail climbed out of poverty with her wits honestly, but has been cheated by others who look down on her because of Andrail’s family past. Her father was a dungsweeper for all of Andrail’s life, because he was caught steeling from a noble. Andrail may be the best clothing designer in Waterdeep, but the leaders of the Order of Master Tailors, Glovers & Mercers are run by the noble famaily that Andrail’s father stole from. Naneatha Lharilstar approached her offering membership in the Red Slashes, and the chance to bring criminals to justice.

Andrail Paton

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