Alauneth Orrane

The Black Viper of Waterdeep


Appearance: (NE young human female rogue; Mercenary Scout) Scar on chin that runs down to her shoulder, Short black hair, and always rest her left hand on her hip.

Portrayal: Bad temper, swears a lot, and has a husky voice.

Hook: Is currently looking for information to blackmail Helve Moonstar.


Alauneth Orrane is known as the Black Viper of Undermountain. She is one of Waterdeep’s most infamous thieves. Alauneth has short, hacked-off black hair, a fiery temper, and a deep, husky voice given to nigh-constant swearing. Her beautiful face is marred only by a ragged scar that runs down the left side of her chin and ends on her shoulder.

In the past, the Black Viper favored daring snatch-and-grab thefts accompanied by clouds of smoke (obscuring mists) from rich merchants and nobles, but in recent years she has grown bored of such games. After allying herself with agents of the Shadow Thieves, she quickly became enmeshed in guild activities and rose to a position of leadership within the Waterdeep sect of the guild, second only to the Masked. Her responsibilities as Silhouette of Shadows include recruiting new talent, surreptitiously establishing safe houses for the guild within the city of Splendors and eliminating threats to the guild’s activities. She employs her thieving prowess to acquire materials with which to blackmail rich merchants into being her purchasing agents.

Alauneth Orrane

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