Alathene Moonstar

Matron of Noble House Moonstar


Appearance: (CG Venerable Undead human female Arcane devotee; Matron of the Moonstar family) Warm conservative noble garb, large hat, and pale skin.
Reading an old book, and writing in her journal.

Portrayal: Speaks down towards others, regal, and obsessed with defeating Lord Vanrak.

Hook: Wants to defeat Vanrank Moonstar.


Lady Alathene long associated with Sel√Ľne’s faith in the City of Splendors, is old and beautiful, with the regal air of centuries-old aristocrat. She resides primarily at the Blushing Mermaid, but she can frequently be found in her laboratory in the deepest cellars of the Vault of Stars. Lady Alathene is consumed with the hunt for her brother, Lord Vanrak, and she will stop at nothing to make him pay for his crimes.

Alathene Moonstar

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