"Gildenfire" of the High Forest


Appearance: (N dragon male druid; Guardian of the High Forest)




Aerosclughpalar was tasked by his king to protect the Tall Trees area of the High Forest, but despite fighting off invaders and fires, the forest became infested with disease and shortages of food. When bolts of lightning from Talos the Storm Lord and orc hordes invaded simultaneously, some time prior to 1344 DR, Aerosclughpalar was unable to stop the devastation, and the fires burned for weeks. Aerosclughpalar was injured during this event and retired to his lair to sleep and recover. He awoke to find that the forest had recovered and was vibrant with life, and he pledged to himself to locate the individual or individuals responsible for this. Aerosclughpalar came across the Grand Druid of the North of Mielikki, Sinklayr Greenstroke, who was burning a tree, but when he challenged Sinklayr, an argument broke out, and Aerosclughpalar eventually acquiesced, agreeing to serve Sinklayr for over two centuries and compare the results. Sinklayr had Aerosclughpalar get rid of the weak and dying trees, allowing the strong and healthy to take their place, and allowed predators to enter the woods. At the end of this time, the forest remained in a flourishing state. Since that time the dragon has learn the ways of allowing nature to guide his efforts to protect the forest.


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