Heroes of the Realms

Guardians and Goblins

Traveling to Reitheilaethor

Silvermoon Journal

Evereska has been attacked by foul magical creatures called phaerimms. I was asked by my uncle Rilithar Stilmyst to escort Keya Morgwais back to her mother in Reitheillaethor. I agreed to this for a payment of 300 gp upon completion of the task. To my surprise I was joined by my cousin Saphron (uncle Rilithar’s daughter) and her small friend Arson. We were to travel north to the Black Road, then follow that till we came to the human city of Llorkh. There uncle Rilithar had arranged for us to meet up with some hired swords that would help us reach Reitheilaethor safely. The journey to Llorkh was pleasant, thanks to Saphron, and Arson. Both apparently are entertainers, which has kept Keya in good spirits. On top of that Arson is a decent cook, but when I said that the hin are some of the best cooks she was offended. She has a sharp tongue for one so small. I have learned to be more cautious about my words towards her.

We had been told to meet the other guards in Llorkh, and our contact point was at the Tantarn Inn. We found them; a very large warrior with gray skin, a regal looking sun elf, and a pale dark haired moon elf. The pale elf’s name was Telwin, and he told me he was a mercenary from a forest to the east of the High Forest, when asked which one he told me to guess, I said the Far Forest and he told me “sure”. The sun elf is a sorcerer from the High Forest named Huma, and the large gray one is a goliath named Po from the Graypeak mountains. Telwin started asking about the pay for the job. Keya told him that her mother would pay all of us when we got her to Reitheilaethor.

We spent the night at the inn, and bought more supplies in town for the journey. We set out for Reitheilaethor we crossed the River Loagrann at a ford. Then headed north towards the River Delimbiyr, but along the way we encountered a hobgoblin raid on a Zhentarim merchant caravan. We fought off the hobgoblins, only to learn that this was a zhent slave caravan. It turns out that Po does not like slave traders. He demanded the freedom of the slaves, but none of the slavers understood giant, so Telwin translated. The slavers offered to sell the slaves, but we told them that the price for saving their lives was the slaves. They agreed when they saw that Po was more than willing to finish what the hobgoblins had started. The Zhents asked us who we were, and all we would tell them is we were travelers. Arson told us that all the slaves were wearing her father’s manacles. Turns out her father is a locksmith that had crafted the manacles. He has been missing for several months, and Arson hopes to find him, but is not sure where to start looking for clues. The six slaves were all from Waterdeep, and they joined us in our travels north at Keya’s request. She said that her mother would arrange for them to be returned to Waterdeep.

The next day we were attacked by goblin wolf riders that attacked us with alchemist fire, two days after that we were attacked by vargouilles at the edge of the High Forest. We met a pseudodragon named Razor. He told us about the yellow skull tribe. He also told us what we had to do to cure Keya, who had been infected by one of the vargouilles. We traveled to the Shining Falls through a fey backroad to talk with a nymph druid named Gwenyth. The fey backroad looked like a large foxes den and was guraded by a huldra (a fey that looks like a female with a foxes tail) named Breena. Saphron impressed the fey with her singing so we were allowed to use the backroad. It seemed as if we walked twenty feet through a tunnel, but we ended up near the Shining Falls miles away. Breena introduced us to Gwenyth. Gwenyth listened to us about Keya’s problem and she told us she needed an ancient ritual from the grotto of spring. Unfortunately, some nasty gremlins had taken over the grotto. She showed us were to find the grotto and we got rid of the four gremlins and there two pet krenshars. Gwenyth used the ritual to cast out the vargouille infection using an old nature ritual called exspell. This expelled an incorporeal vargouille from Keya that we destroyed. Gwenyth introduced us to Deogol Fengrath at Shining Falls, and arranged for us to stay with him. (Shining Falls does not have an inn yet, so he was the only one that had enough room for us to rest.

Meta Game Notes

Guard Keya: 1,000 xp,
16 hobgoblins 3,200 xp,
8 Slave Merchants 400 xp,
8 goblin riders and 8 wolves 4,280 xp,
6 vargouilles 3,600 xp,
Pass Fey Guardian (Huldra) 1,200 xp,
uncover druid ritual 600 xp:
2 Krenshar, pit trap, and 4 Nuglub 3,600 xp
incorporeal vargouille 1,200 xp
Total 19,080 (3,180 xp each, 3rd level.)

Treasure (Goblins carry hobgoblin crafted items.)
Hobgoblins (8 studded leather armors – 200 gp sell, 8 light steel shields – 24 gp sell, 8 longswords – 120 gp sell, 8 longbows 600 gp sell, 160 arrows – 20 gp keep, 8 cure light wounds potions – 400 gp keep, 8 alchemist fire – 160 gp keep, 8 Yellow musk creeper repellent 240 gp loss; 312 gp keep) Sell: 472 gp; Keep 892 gp; Total 1,364gp
Slave merchants: 6 Slaves 2,400 gp (loss)
Goblin riders: 8 small leather armors – 80 gp sell, 8 small shortsword – 80 gp sell, 8 small riding saddles – 80 gp sell; 8 small bit and bridles – 16 gp sell; 1,824 gp keep; Sell: 128 gp; Keep 1,824
Grotto treasure: Exspell Ritual 750 gp keep; (5,294 gp) mwk darkwood quarterstaff 600 gp Esban, Ring of spell knowledge I 1,500 gp Huma, potion of Magic vestment 750 gp Po, scroll of lightning bolt 375 gp Esban, wand of speak with animals 750 gp sell, 480 gp keep, 16 pp keep; Aquamarine 500 gp sell; Black Pearl 500 gp sell; large ruby 5,000 sell; Sell: 6,375 gp; Keep 4,615

Sell: 6,975 gp Keep: 6,931 gp Loss: 2,640 gp Total Gained: 13,906 gp (Each 2,317 gp, 6 sp; Arson: 2,317 gp, 6 sp; Esban: mwk darkwood quarterstaff, scroll of lightning bolt, 1,342 gp, 6 sp; Huma: Ring of spell knowledge I, 817 gp, 6s p; Po: potion of magic vestment, 1,567 gp, 6 sp; Saphron: 2,317 gp, 6 sp; Telwin: 2,317 gp, 6 sp)



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