Heroes of the Realms

Unseen Shadows

Lost in the Mist

We were lost in supernatural mist for hours. We were attacked by some kind of undead mounted warrior. He did not kill us, instead we found ourselves captives of a powerful undead necromancer. He used us in an experiment. We were sent back in time to possess the bodies of guards at a wedding. He had us steal powerful artifacts from the church. After we had successfully completed the mission he dumped our bodies in a pit. Po was the first to regain control of his body. He fought off a carrion stalker to save us. We climbed back into Azalin’s castle recovering our gear. We ran into the ghost of an oracle that told us how to destroy the lich. We stole the phylactery of Azalin, and fled to the borders of his realm. Their we found the alter the oracle had told us about. We performed the ritual as instructed, but it did not work. We had been fooled, the oracle worked for the lich. We found ourselves back on Toril by the Blood Mountains. The lich demanded it’s phylactery back, but a vampire appeared and started attacking the lich. The vampire commanded Po to run away with the phylactery, and Po’s weak mind bent to the will of the vampire.

The vampire’s control wore off, and we eventually tracked Po down. A female vampire congratulated us on escaping from Azalin. She introduced herself as a servant of Count Strahd. She told us that she had been sent to find us, and explain what was going on. She told us that Azalin was a thief, and had taken several magical secrets from her master. Strahd appeared and demanded the phylactery, but he found that it was guarded against the touch of vampires. He instead gave Esban a scroll that would conceal the phylactery from the lich. Strahd warned us that Azlin would seek us out, and he offered his protection against the lich. Before we could respond a group of fiends lead by a contract devil attacked Strahd. The vampire escaped, and we witnessed a fiendish fit of rage. The contract devil slaughtered the remaining vampires that Strahd had left behind. The devil explained itself to us. How Strahd had stolen it’s contract scroll years ago. Now he was going to get it back from Strahd. Huma knew the contract devil, it was the same one he had made his deal with. Huma decided to make a deal, if we get Strahd’s contract scroll, Huma’s contract would be voided.; (Inajira) the contract devil agreed.

We found a road and a porter that was taking his beef steers to slaughter. He directed us to the nearest town. There we met with the lord of Castle Ravenloft, Lord Rorek and his wife Kristiana. Lord Rorek look liked a clone of Strahd, but was clearly a living man. He had been attacked by undead the night before. The man had been paralyzed, but his wife was a cleric of Lathander and had healed him. Kristiana was worried that the creature would return and asked us to find and destroy the monster. She believed the creature was a lich, but she was not sure how we could find it.



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