Heroes of the Realms

The Ties That Bind

Family Reunions

Rheitheillaethor’s held a celebration in honor of us, and Keya returning from the dead. A female sun elf we had never seen before approached Huma at the party, and the two of them disappeared into the trees away from the party. Arson noticed them leave, so she followed. Arson overheard them talking about a lost contact in town. The female seemed very angry at Huma, and demanded that he share anything he had learned. She asked if he had learned the patrols schedules then she requested his journal. Huma told her that she could not have it. She was not his commanding officer, he did not answer to her. She told him that they both worked for house Dlardrageth., and she would report his refusal as treason. Huma asked her why do you have to make everything so difficult. (He called her by the name Vessara.) She asked for the journal once more and stormed off when Huma refused again.

Back at the party Po experienced a vision through the bond-fire flames. He saw his tribe being beaten by giants. They were being moved through the mountains to someplace new.

Huma went back to his gear and burned up the journal. Arson asked Huma what he was doing. He told her that he was cutting ties with his past and then walked away. Arson told Saphron what she had seen, and asked Esban about it. Esban recognized house Dlardrageth, the demon fey. The group confronted Huma about what had happened. Huma decided to tell us the truth. He shared about the deal he made with a devil to try to free himself from house Dlardrageth, and how Oparal had helped him become an agent to get him away from the other fey’ri. He told us that Vessara is an enforcer for the fey’ri. The fact that she came after him means that the fey’ri are doubting Huma can be trusted. The fact that Huma was in Rheitheillaethor endangered the people there.



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