Heroes of the Realms

We left the land of Ansalon behind us as we traveled into the space beyond the planet. In the area called wildspace by the crew we were attacked by slavers. They damaged the ship, and left us to die we had thought. Hours later we woke up in chains of the slavers that had attacked us. The slavers had brought us to a type of pirates port in space. We were dumped into a pit to battle monsters in an arena. We beat our challengers, and were purchased by another band of slavers. These slavers were red wizards from Thay. This meant we would be traveling back to Toril, which is were we wanted to go.

Once on their ship, we learned how the ship worked as we worked for the Red Wizards. We surprised attacked the wizards and took over their ship as we were landing. We landed in the city known as Skullport. The Red Wizard had damaged the ship, so we could not use it to sail back out. We would have to find another way back home, but we where a lot closer now.



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