Heroes of the Realms

Shadow Slaves

Finding Arson's Father

Returning to Toril we were attacked by shadow thieves trying to rob our homes while we were gone. We tracked down the thieves, and learned that Arson’s father had been working for the shadow thieves just north of the city in the mountains. We found the location in the mountains and made our way past the traps, and undead guardians. Arson’s father had been forced to work for the shadow thieves to protect the life of his wife and Arson. We freed Arson’s dad from the magical restraints, and then teleported to Arson’s home to stop the attack against her mother. When we arrived an assassin had already poisoned Bellis Pocketfinder. Luckly Saphron healed her, and we caught the assassin. We also discovered that Hruggagek Gruuretugek had been working for Marune when he had killed Telwin’s father.



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