Heroes of the Realms

Hell's Claim

Price of a Soul

We learned of the fey’ri attack on Evereska. We learned that Sarya Dlardrageth had a powerful artifact (the bottle of the bound) that allowed her to call on 666 evil outsiders to aid her army against the elves. We learned how to destroy the bottle artifact, and help defeat Sarya’s attack on Evereska. Sarya spoke one word of power over Huma and he disappear. At the same time, a beholder attacked us to allow Sarya a chance to escape. We learned that Sarya had sent Huma to Hell by using a word of binding from Huma’s contract with Inajira. We had to travel to the eighth level of Hell to free Huma. We found a loophole in the contract and freed Huma permanently, by completing a quest to change the leadership structure in Mephistopheles court. Inajira was cast out having no court to call on.



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