Heroes of the Realms

Dark Moon of Krynn

A Long Way from Home

The lich Azalin had used a spell to rip the fabric of the planes apart around us in an attempt to destroy us. The spell had failed to destroy us, but we found ourselves in an unfamiliar land. Esban and Saphron could only cast the simplest of spells. However, Huma’s magic worked normally. We learned from a local that we were in a land called Ansalon. The local told Arson he was sorry to hear about the loss of her home, at the hands of the Red Dragon Lord. It turns out that Arson is a race known as kenders in this world, and there homeland had been destroyed by a powerful red dragon recently. The traveler turned out to be a gold dragon in disguise. We discovered this when a band of monks attacked her claiming to work for Malystryx. We defeated the monks while the gold dragon protected her eggs in her covered wagon. We helped her travel to a safe-house where she was meeting other dragons to hide the eggs.

She told us that some dragons were seeking refuge among the stars. A ship that could leave this world behind was suppose to be picking up travelers soon. She gave us directions, and we traveled to the town. In the town we learned of attacks from shadow creatures that had taken the captain of the ship. We tracked down the missing captain, and battled a dragon man that was possessed by a shadow demon. When we defeated the shadow demon the captain gave us free passage on his ship.



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