Heroes of the Realms

Forgotten Legacy
Save the Queen
Shadow Slaves
Finding Arson's Father

Returning to Toril we were attacked by shadow thieves trying to rob our homes while we were gone. We tracked down the thieves, and learned that Arson’s father had been working for the shadow thieves just north of the city in the mountains. We found the location in the mountains and made our way past the traps, and undead guardians. Arson’s father had been forced to work for the shadow thieves to protect the life of his wife and Arson. We freed Arson’s dad from the magical restraints, and then teleported to Arson’s home to stop the attack against her mother. When we arrived an assassin had already poisoned Bellis Pocketfinder. Luckly Saphron healed her, and we caught the assassin. We also discovered that Hruggagek Gruuretugek had been working for Marune when he had killed Telwin’s father.

Hell's Claim
Price of a Soul

We learned of the fey’ri attack on Evereska. We learned that Sarya Dlardrageth had a powerful artifact (the bottle of the bound) that allowed her to call on 666 evil outsiders to aid her army against the elves. We learned how to destroy the bottle artifact, and help defeat Sarya’s attack on Evereska. Sarya spoke one word of power over Huma and he disappear. At the same time, a beholder attacked us to allow Sarya a chance to escape. We learned that Sarya had sent Huma to Hell by using a word of binding from Huma’s contract with Inajira. We had to travel to the eighth level of Hell to free Huma. We found a loophole in the contract and freed Huma permanently, by completing a quest to change the leadership structure in Mephistopheles court. Inajira was cast out having no court to call on.

Freedom or Death
Break the Red Bear's Chains

Po’s mother found us, and lead us back to fight and free the red bear tribe from Pock. The freed slaves of Pock joined the Red Bear Tribe and now follow Po as their chief.

Invasion of Fire Mountain
Trial by Fire

As we were finishing the building of our new base, we got word of an attack by fire creatures. We traveled to seek the source of the attack. A volcano had appeared in the lost hills to the east. Soldiers of rock and fire protected the mountain. We learned that a powerful Efreeti lord had decided to expand his kingdom into Toril. We battled against his forces and defeated the Efreeti lord. Huma claimed the volcano as his new home.

Lost Kingdoms
Ardeep Forest and the Lost Hills

Esban convinced the group to help him reclaim his families lands in Ardeep. We talked to the decedents of the Harpshield family, and then to Elorfindar Floshin who was the guardian over the eleven lands in Ardeep. We explored the ruins, and defeated a band of hags and an orge magi to clear out the ruins. The land was also claimed by a green dragon, which we had to defeat before Esban’s claim to the land would be established.

Welcome to Skullport

We paid for the ship to dock with the wizard money. We explored the city of Skullport, and found that we could make it back to Waterdeep if we could make it up through Undermountain. We decided to try that way, because the Red Wizards had friends in the city that were looking for us. In Skullport we were regarded as escaped slaves. With the help of our new contacts, we got a map that would help guide us through the maze of Undermountian. As we traveled through Undermountain we came across old records that showed that the Silvermoon family was the rightful owners of the Harpshield lands of Ardeep Forest.

Slaves in the Sky

We left the land of Ansalon behind us as we traveled into the space beyond the planet. In the area called wildspace by the crew we were attacked by slavers. They damaged the ship, and left us to die we had thought. Hours later we woke up in chains of the slavers that had attacked us. The slavers had brought us to a type of pirates port in space. We were dumped into a pit to battle monsters in an arena. We beat our challengers, and were purchased by another band of slavers. These slavers were red wizards from Thay. This meant we would be traveling back to Toril, which is were we wanted to go.

Once on their ship, we learned how the ship worked as we worked for the Red Wizards. We surprised attacked the wizards and took over their ship as we were landing. We landed in the city known as Skullport. The Red Wizard had damaged the ship, so we could not use it to sail back out. We would have to find another way back home, but we where a lot closer now.

Dark Moon of Krynn
A Long Way from Home

The lich Azalin had used a spell to rip the fabric of the planes apart around us in an attempt to destroy us. The spell had failed to destroy us, but we found ourselves in an unfamiliar land. Esban and Saphron could only cast the simplest of spells. However, Huma’s magic worked normally. We learned from a local that we were in a land called Ansalon. The local told Arson he was sorry to hear about the loss of her home, at the hands of the Red Dragon Lord. It turns out that Arson is a race known as kenders in this world, and there homeland had been destroyed by a powerful red dragon recently. The traveler turned out to be a gold dragon in disguise. We discovered this when a band of monks attacked her claiming to work for Malystryx. We defeated the monks while the gold dragon protected her eggs in her covered wagon. We helped her travel to a safe-house where she was meeting other dragons to hide the eggs.

She told us that some dragons were seeking refuge among the stars. A ship that could leave this world behind was suppose to be picking up travelers soon. She gave us directions, and we traveled to the town. In the town we learned of attacks from shadow creatures that had taken the captain of the ship. We tracked down the missing captain, and battled a dragon man that was possessed by a shadow demon. When we defeated the shadow demon the captain gave us free passage on his ship.

Unseen Shadows
Lost in the Mist

We were lost in supernatural mist for hours. We were attacked by some kind of undead mounted warrior. He did not kill us, instead we found ourselves captives of a powerful undead necromancer. He used us in an experiment. We were sent back in time to possess the bodies of guards at a wedding. He had us steal powerful artifacts from the church. After we had successfully completed the mission he dumped our bodies in a pit. Po was the first to regain control of his body. He fought off a carrion stalker to save us. We climbed back into Azalin’s castle recovering our gear. We ran into the ghost of an oracle that told us how to destroy the lich. We stole the phylactery of Azalin, and fled to the borders of his realm. Their we found the alter the oracle had told us about. We performed the ritual as instructed, but it did not work. We had been fooled, the oracle worked for the lich. We found ourselves back on Toril by the Blood Mountains. The lich demanded it’s phylactery back, but a vampire appeared and started attacking the lich. The vampire commanded Po to run away with the phylactery, and Po’s weak mind bent to the will of the vampire.

The vampire’s control wore off, and we eventually tracked Po down. A female vampire congratulated us on escaping from Azalin. She introduced herself as a servant of Count Strahd. She told us that she had been sent to find us, and explain what was going on. She told us that Azalin was a thief, and had taken several magical secrets from her master. Strahd appeared and demanded the phylactery, but he found that it was guarded against the touch of vampires. He instead gave Esban a scroll that would conceal the phylactery from the lich. Strahd warned us that Azlin would seek us out, and he offered his protection against the lich. Before we could respond a group of fiends lead by a contract devil attacked Strahd. The vampire escaped, and we witnessed a fiendish fit of rage. The contract devil slaughtered the remaining vampires that Strahd had left behind. The devil explained itself to us. How Strahd had stolen it’s contract scroll years ago. Now he was going to get it back from Strahd. Huma knew the contract devil, it was the same one he had made his deal with. Huma decided to make a deal, if we get Strahd’s contract scroll, Huma’s contract would be voided.; (Inajira) the contract devil agreed.

We found a road and a porter that was taking his beef steers to slaughter. He directed us to the nearest town. There we met with the lord of Castle Ravenloft, Lord Rorek and his wife Kristiana. Lord Rorek look liked a clone of Strahd, but was clearly a living man. He had been attacked by undead the night before. The man had been paralyzed, but his wife was a cleric of Lathander and had healed him. Kristiana was worried that the creature would return and asked us to find and destroy the monster. She believed the creature was a lich, but she was not sure how we could find it.


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